Palm and anesthesia tracking software

  1. So do any of the SRNAs and CRNAs out there use palm pilots and tracking software to track thier procedures? I found four products on the web, and would like to hear peoples opinions on them.

    The one I like the most, but can't really assess as I have not started a program yet is,

    Anesthesia Stat Tracker, for $24.95

    I have also found handbase files that seem to work, and they are free.

    Any opinionated people out there?
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  3. by   kmchugh
    Sure, I have an opinion. I tried the Stat-Tracker in school to keep track of cases. After about two weeks, I went back to paper and pen to keep track. The Stat-Tracker is more for anesthesia residents. Now that I have finished, I don't keep track of case numbers anymore. I know some CRNA's who do, but I just can't think of any really good reason to do so. The programs I use on my palm pilot most frequently are Epocrates and drip calculator.

    Kevin McHugh
  4. by   lgcv
    Most of the schools have their own program for stat tracking so you may not need another one. Epocrates, drip calc, and the handbase program alticopeia (GREAT program on herbal drugs, interactions, lab changes etc.) are the ones I use the most.
  5. by   nilepoc

    Just out of curiosity, how is the focus on tracking between an SRNA and a resident different?

    Thnaks for reviving my very old thread.
  6. by   kmchugh

    Generally, I think residents are required to keep much more focused information on the anesthetics they have done. SRNA's track mostly numbers and types of surgery. To be honest, though, I have not seen any residents here in Wichita keep track of their numbers using Stat-tracker either. Whether in school or in practice, time is of the essence. The time it takes to keep the stat-tracker up to date is generally wasted. If you are in a program, just keep the data the school you are in expects you to keep. It will be enough.

    Kevin McHugh

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