Pain Management

  1. Are any of you interested in pain management (acute and long-term pain)? I know that most CRNAs work in the OR but I've been on a few websites where a group of CRNAs work together in their own practice of treating individuals with life-long pain.
    Is pain management a lucrative field for nurse anesthetists?
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  3. by   SCHMEGGA
    Yes it is lucrative. I have heard of people making mucho dinero (upwards of $400K/yr) doing nothing but chronic pain. I do not actually know any of these people, but I can believe it.
  4. by   Disablednurse
    I suffer from chronic pain and I can see where that field can be a lucrative field for someone interested and trained in that area. I am on MS Contin, Neurontin, and Topamax with Oxycodone for breakthru pain. I did not qualify for spinal stimulation for a variety of reasons (i.e. diabetes, obesity, track record with infection following surgery). I also have known others with chronic pain. Some were able to use common pain relief things such as nerve blocks using steriods, something else that I am unable to use r/t my diabetes. There are so few people practicing in this field that there needs to be more.
  5. by   loisane
    Pain management is a pretty new subspecialty. There is an obvious and growing need for these services.

    I think in a lot of places, MDAs were the first of these specialists, but CRNAs are joining the ranks also. There is one national association of pain management professionals that accept CRNAs as members.

    Yes, I think we will be hearing more about CRNAs in pain management.

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