PACU experience

  1. does anyone know if most nurse anesthetists schools would consider pacu experience over icu?
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  3. by   KC CHICK
    Here in Kansas City, the CRNA school at Truman Medical Center accepts ER, PACU, PICU, and adult ICU. They said, though, that adult ICU is preferred.

    Hope that helps. Try contacting your local school.
  4. by   WntrMute2
    The school I attend will accept ICU and ER (exceptional prospects) but not PACU. Detroit.
  5. by   LeighCRNA
    HI! PACU experience is acceptable into anesthesia school. it is considered a critical care unit. some programs put more emphasis on ADULT ICU experience but coming from a PACU, ADULT and Pediatric ICU myself I can tell you that all these units have something to contribute to nurse anesthesia. Remember that you are going to school to LEARN how to be a CRNA for 2-3 years none of these UNITS make you successful. Your determination and hardwork does! The experience you have in different areas of nursing will help you cope with different aspects of anesthesia ,but to say one UNIT or another will promote success is false. I have seen strong ICU nurses not make it in anesthesia school .If you want to be a CRNA I suggest going to and search the schools you would be willing to attend. Then read what experience they feel is important to obtain a CRNA degree. Make sure your grades in your BSN program in the science areas are strong then contact the schools program director and discuss if there is anythng that they can suggest that will help you be a better canadate to their program!They may suggest you taking a class before the interview process to help improve your grades or diverse your experience. We need CRNAs and i wish you the best on your career path. Please contact me if you need more information!
  6. by   jperry25

    Just wondered what part of the country you are from and where you attended nurse anesthesia school at. How difficult was anesthesia school and clinical practice as compared too nursing school? What classes do you think were most helpful during anesthesia school, i.e.- organic chemistry, biochem, etc.
    Have you found that there are more opportunities outside of the hospital such as in outpatient clinics that a CRNA can practice or have you even checked into that? Thanks for your input. It's nice to hear from a CRNA every now and then.