PA:Legislation introduced to expand Prescriptive Authority to CRNA & Nurse Midwives

  1. along with major changes for healthcare affecting nursing practice under hb 700, pa governors rx for pa


    governor rendell urges nurses to support rx for pa during national nurses week


    sturla announces public hearings for scope of practice legislation

    crna regs:
    h.b. 1256 - nurse anesthetists - introduced by rep. marc gergely,d-allegheny

    hearings will be held:
    may 24 at 10:30 a.m. g-50 irvis office building, harrisburg nurses

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    pa state nurses association helps win fight for advance practice nurses and healthcare reform in pennsylvania

    the pennsylvania state nurses association (psna) is pleased to announce that all three nursing bills from governor edward rendell's "prescription for pa" initiative passed unanimously in the senate on saturday, july 14, 2007. hb 1253 (scope of practice-crnps,) hb 1254 (title recognition-cnss) and hb 1255 (prescriptive authority-nurse midwives) currently await governor rendell's signature so that they can become law. governor rendell plans to bring these bills into fruition by signing them at the university of pennsylvania in philadelphia later this week. read more

    governor rendell's public schedule
    july 20, 2007

    9:30 a.m. healthcare acquired infection and scope of practice bill signing
    penn school of nursing
    carol ware gates lobby
    claire m. fagin hall
    418 curie blvd.

    thanks to all who took the time to contact legislators. knew this was a win_win for pa and nursing! my stopping at senator erickson's ofice helped get outpatient surgi-centers added to bill re healthcare aquired infections: needing to report and monitor infection rates. karen
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    pa state nurses association joins the governor at bill signing of innovative reform measures that improve access; quality of care representatives of the pennsylvania state nurses association (psna) joined governor edward rendell on friday, july 20, 2007 at the university of pennsylvania, when he signed into law three groundbreaking nursing bills from the governor's "prescription for pa" initiative... read more
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    Continuing the fight this legeslative session to expand CRNA prescriptive authority.