Organic chemistry question - page 2

I was wondering if any of you have ever taken or know a school that offers organic chemistry on the web? I need to take organic in the fall, but I will also be oriented to the critical care unit as... Read More

  1. by   lml33
    If you're motivated, than you can do anything! I'm not a brainiac, but motivation, dedication, and passion are the three keys to success. I have heard various thoughts about organic and inorganic chem. Personally, I thought organic was much easier. I think the judgement call may have to do with mathematical skills. If Math is your fortee, then inorganic chem may be easier. Organic chem is mostly memorization and putting puzzles together. You'll do great if the motivation is there! Leslie.
  2. by   haa
    Hi Bella Amore, VaMedic, and AmiK25,

    Do you have a time limit for your distance learning program? say, you must finish the course within 3 months. or could you set your own pace and study for as long as you like?

    just curious, thanks,