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looking for opinions - let's say you have a pt. on beta blockers. they come in for surgery and their HR is in the 60's-70's (which is their baseline) and their pressure is in the 70's/40's range.... Read More

  1. by   ZASHAGALKA
    Quote from jdpete
    thanks for the cme's
    Now see that's what I was sincerely thinking, without the hint of sarcasm.

    LOL, it's all good.

  2. by   athomas91
    ok - so say we don't address all the other possibilities underlying the hypotension....
    we give neo - surgeon cut - bp 180/100... are you going to chase your tail and give a beta blocker...then neo...then a beta blocker...then ephedrine....
    i agree w/ mike - the whole scenario needs to be accounted for - the origional quesiton was answered in simplicity by a multitude of people - going more in depth only leads to critical thinking and better practitioners... i don't see the problem with that.
  3. by   jdpete
    good points all the way around, and you are right with learning new things, I really was more messing around, I didn't mean for it to sound as malicious as it did
  4. by   athomas91
    ok - thanks for the clarity.
  5. by   mwbeah
    Quote from ZASHAGALKA
    LOL, it's all good.

    You are so right, its allllllllllllllll good!

  6. by   confusionabounds
    wow, good stuff, folks. thanks for the replies to my original question. i really did mean it as a simple question, and my intention was not to have anyone nerd out on me with a million scenarios, but i always do that as well when i am asked a question-i ask for more info. anyway, to satisfy the curious, my pt. was a middle aged male, middle of surgery, actively being cut, gas has already been turned down, very well hydrated already, not much blood loss to speak of, no tourniquet was used, yada, yada, yada. His bp just dropped on me, and i did everything i could to raise it before i gave ephedrine or neo. as i was reaching for my drug of choice (in this case) i ran through all the pros and cons of using both in my now hypotensive beta blocked pt. just thought i would get some opinions as to what everyone thought. By the way, i used neo (if anyone cares) ephedrine would have worked as well if not better (competition for sites and all that) but i chose not to use it due to the reasoning mentioned earlier - they were beta blocked for a reason and i didn't want to counter act too much of that if i could help it. anyway, thanks for all the replies.