Online ACLS and PALS renewals for SRNAs

  1. For those of you that need to renew ACLS or PALS during school, I just used this online renewal service:

    Great advantages:

    1. You can renew even if your card has lapsed (you must have taken the two-day provider class before, so no first-timers)
    2. You can do it in the privacy of your own home in your jammies
    3. There are no mega-codes, silly scenarios, or general mayhem that goes along with doing a class like a herd of cattle. Just 75 questions each
    4. It took me only a few hours to renew both courses, even with breaks
    5. They will fax your new card to you ASAP for $15
    6. Course fees are tax-deductible
    7. You can enter your AANA # to get credit for education hours somehow

    Some disadvantages:
    1. Spendy - $175 per class (but still less than other courses in my area - the downside of no longer being a staff RN)
    2. Some of the questions were obscure - I am an old instructor and I was confused by more than a couple. They are not like the basic ACLS questions for the on-site exams.
    3. If you do not have the Guidelines 2000 book and a pharm text handy, answering some of the questions may be tough. That worthless ACLS provider manual won't help at all.

    Please note that I have nothing to gain personally or professionally from posting this, so don't get all excited about advertising or whatnot :chuckle . I am just an extremely grateful, busy SRNA who is thrilled not to have to take time off clinical to get these renewals or try to find a weekend course for $225!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Thanks for the info, I have to renew while I am over here.