ob/gyn crna's and abortions

  1. I have a question. I recently found out that CRNA's work in OB/GYN offices and put people to sleep that are having abortions. Is this true? How much do they make? I was wondering because I know a guy who is getting into this area and I was going to find out for him. He had thought of doing it for a year to so to pay off school expense. What is everyone's thoughts on this? I am unsure of my thoughts on it.
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  3. by   SnowymtnRN
    My thoughts are that if you are trained to do a type of job, you have to put aside your personal feelings about whatever the job is and deliver the best care. If you truly have a problem with this type of procedure, then you shouldn't put yourself in that situation. I've no clue what they make, i imagine its not any more than any other type CRNA job.

    I've cared for women who've terminated, and while i don't believe in it myself, its not for me to impose my personal feelings on these people. I'm supposed to be the caregiver.
  4. by   GAstudent

    I think you put that great. Thanks. I was just wondering about it. I couldn't get it off of my mind and thought this was a place to ask. Thanks.
  5. by   Tenesma
    you don't need to provide care for procedures that you disagree with - the law covers you... the only time you are ever REQUIRED to provide care is if the patient is at risk of losing life or limb - interestingly this doesn't include the unborn fetus. Your primary duty is to the mother as she is the only consentable person....

    for example I wouldn't perform a STAT GA on a dangerously bad airway for a stat c-section as the likelihood of maternal demise is great! instead i would do an awake fiberoptic, and if this implies fetal demise then so be it .... it sounds absolutely horrific, but the only way the child will survive is if the mom survives...

    you make educated decisions about when and how you render care, and if religious beliefs stand in your way then that is absolutely fine -
  6. by   yoga crna
    I strongly believe that you should have at least 5 years experience before venturing into office anesthesia--no matter what procedures are performed. You are very much alone in these settings, have no back-up support and few of the controls found in hospital settings. Also, I think there will be some restrictions on malpractice insurance for CRNAs in office settings in the future, because there have been so many lawsuits.
    Yoga CRNA
  7. by   GAstudent
    thanks to everyone for the replies. Yoga I do agree with you that a CRNA needs experience in other settings before doing this. Tenesma and your also right it is the mothers decision and the CRNA is there to make them comfortable. Thanks to you three who have posted. I think that you made me understand what you said that sometimes you just have to put personal beliefs aside. Thanks so much.