Notes on a PDA?

  1. An aquaintanence has told me that it is possible to take class noted on your PDA using Graffiti. Is this truly feasible, or is this program more for writing down the odd message, etc?
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  3. by   nilepoc
    thanks for the chuckle. I have to say that it is not possible. There is one person in my class who is taking notes on his PDA, but he is doing it with a stowaway keyboard. He keeps up, but the situation is not ideal. I keep up using my laptop, and have actually pretty much stopped taking notes on paper. I am dreading the day my laptop gets stolen, or dies. hopefully I will make it through the didactic year without either of those things happening.

    The laptop works great, especially for talking classes, I sit off to the side and type away. As I have said in my blog, the teachers put out thier poser points before the lectures, so I just take notes on their slides, it is great, because all the notes are in the context of the slide they relate to. I would not recommen the PDA route though. Actually my PDA is gathering dust, but my laptop is hardly ever off.

  4. by   Brenna's Dad
    OK, thanks for the clarification nilepoc. It seemed kind of unlikely to me, but I wanted to clarify.

    In regards to your laptop, do the instructors and students comment that they find it distracting at all? My class is limited to 7 students, and I can imagine that the constant banging of the keys would be less than appreciated by some.

    However, I can also see how taking noted on your laptop would be very useful.

    Hmmm. Something else to think about.
  5. by   nilepoc
    Actually, i am spawning copy cats. there have been no less than two purchases of laptops since i statrted, and some classes there will be three to four of them out and in use. As for the noise, I try to type softly, and any annoying factors are mitigated when I type out notes, for reviews, and mail them to the whole class and such.


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