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    1)You have a sealed contained filled with 100% Oxygen. Isoflurane is spilled on the floor of the container. At 20 degrees C what percentage will be O2 and what percent will be Isoflurane?

    2) Which gas monitors can detect Nitrogen gas?

    3) You are doing a craini in the sitting position, you have your choice of any monitor to detect VAE. List in order of sensitivity the monitors available. Which one would you then choose and why?
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  3. by   nilepoc
    1) Isoflurane vapor pressure is 240, assuming the pressure of the oxygen container is 760 i.e. STP since 20C is close to STP. Daltons law says that (by the rough method we use to calculate copper kettle questions) isoflurane Vapor pressure is roughly 1/3 of that of oxygen, and therefore 33% of the gas in the container will be isoflurane.

    2) The only one I can think of is the dopler over the RA. Wait I may be reading this wrrong, do you mean in the anesthesia machine, because my answer would only detect a heart collection of NO2 as related to question 3.

    3) I would want the dopler over the RA. I would also insist on a RA line so as to suck back any introduced oxygen.

    Bonus round, why would you avoid the use of NO2 in a sitting craini?

    BTW, I like these questions, but I would like to recommend a standard to the format. How about as the topic for each of these, it says

    topic: Q&A subject

    where subject for this one would be gas laws. This I feel would help distinguish the questions, and generate more interest than on long list of replies.

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  4. by   WntrMute2
    Good Craig, I was also looking for the relative sensitivities of the different monitoring devices such as mass spec, tee, doppler, precordial, pa cath. Lets get some others participating in the Q part of the Q & A. For those hoping to start, buy 1 book Stoelting or Morgan and Milail and just pick a topic. Come on.