New Mexico prospects. Salaries/Cost of Living.

  1. This may be a long shot but it won't hurt to ask. I've been in gasworks and have realized NM salaries are rather handsome. Are these a true reflection of the market in general? Does your salary keep up well with the cost of living.

    I live pretty modestly in terms of spending money on clothes, cars, and so forth. I'm sure that even when I'm a CRNA I'll keep my modest living. I drive a Nissan Altima, don't plan on buying fancy cars or anything. My main objective is to travel and hope to use that pay out from CRNA salary to enjoy a life of exploring the world.

    I also want to move outside of my current state and live somewhere scenic with nice climate. I've been to New Mexico a few times and would definitely consider living there as a CRNA.
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  3. by   m1lkofamnesia
    Anywhere you work in the US as a CRNA, your salary will keep up with the cost of living JUST FINE assuming you aren’t going crazy and blowing your money!

    Based on your posts it looks like you haven’t been accepted to CRNA school yet. Take it one step at a time, get into school, get through the first year or two of school and then start thinking about where you want to work and what kind of practice you want to work in. Things will certainly change in the CRNA world and your personal life over the next 3+ years that could impact where you take your first job.

    Again, you’ll have plenty money wherever you choose to live. Just don’t forget to calculate in taxes, state taxes, etc. Some states may pay less, but have no state tax which can save thousands.
  4. by   CardiacDork
    Nope not accepted yet. Just working and studying extremely hard. You bring up good points that things in terms or market and personal life may change. I'm just curious and it doesn't hurt to dream and wonder haha. Maintaining a 4.0 in school right now and plan to keep it.

    I especially like your last note regarding state taxes. I'll keep those things in mind after graduation, but overall I guess which place would make me happiest (not just money wise).

    On a side note: I am planning to apply to CRNA school outside of Texas. I'm just ready for a different experience. A culture change, different faces, different views. I'm 24 and curious.
  5. by   Bluebolt
    Yeah, I think you said in another post that you'll be looking at applying in 2019, then 3 more years until graduation. You won't need to be worrying about this until 2021 or 2022 and most likely the market will change by then. If you want to explore and live in a new place you can do that as a CRNA, you'll make more money than most careers anywhere you go. There are nuances to it and various states that have different politics, types of practices you may work in etc. Don't worry about that stuff now. Heck, I'm in my second year of the CRNA program and I'm not seriously making inquiries yet.