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Got any special plans before school starts this fall? I'm working a bunch of OT this summer to bank some extra cash, but the DH and I are going to take a brief vacation to Pennsylvania to visit some... Read More

  1. by   louloubell1
    Quote from Future SRNA
    Finding a place to live in Maryland, will move there the second week of August. Plan to work ICU the first two weeks of July. My husband is giving my B-day, X-mass, congratulation present ahead of time "Cruise in Europe". the last two weeks of July, and then August is left to get myself organize and ready for my first semester. We have no children and haven't taken any formal vacation in two years. This vacation is well deserved.
    Wow, a cruise in Europe sounds beautiful! Well, not for me, as I have some big phobias I would have to overcome to enjoy a cruise. Among my big phobias are the wide open ocean, linen chutes (that's a weird one I know, but I'm always afraid I'll have some overwhelming urge to sit on the edge of the linen chute and I'll fall in), spiders, and flying. What really sucks about that last one is that my husband is an aircraft mechanic and we (our whole family) can fly anywhere in the world for free, but I am just too frightened to do it. I mean there would have to be like conscious sedation or something for the entire flight.... There are some places I would like to see someday, like Ireland and Italy, and I guess since you can't drive there I'm going to need to overcome that fear.

    Have fun on your trip! It sounds like a blast.

  2. by   SRNACHIC
    I am working up unil the first week in August, then I will clean house from top to bottom for 1 week and then relax and relax and relax and re.... I think you all get the pitcure!
  3. by   Qwiigley
    I would to suggest (seriously) to sleep, sleep, sleep! I am just graduating and I am EXHAUSTED! Seriously, you need to relax, take vitamins and to enjoys your family. You are about to enter a zone where you will no longer be around for 24 months. When you have a day off it is for studying or sleeping.
  4. by   dneill01
    Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!Webster University in September. Will work some more overtime to bank some cash and take some of the workload off the wife. Will take the 2 weeks off prior and spend some time with the kids and a short vacation with my spouse. Not planning on studying much of anything as I am more than confident they will provide me everything I will need. Maybe a little reading at work, review gas laws, and some physiology of the nervous system. My suggestion would be to take it easy and enjoy some quiet time as it is going to end shortly! I am just so thankful that Webster is all science based and there is no "nursing" classes. Dont think i could handle another nursing theory class if I had to. lol
    GOOD LUCK to all
  5. by   MyReign1
    I'm taking Intro to nursing, Fundamentals of nursing and a correspondence course in nutrition. So needless to say, I will be STUDYING and working.......YIPPEE!!
  6. by   nursecompassion
    lots.......we are preparing for the birth of our third son, planning a trip to sandusky to stay at the great bear lodge/water park. camping/fishing out at the lake. i am planning on working right up untill delivery day.....and class starts nine days before that! :uhoh21:

    currently trying to work in some overtime so i can make advance payments on things month baby is due and save up for christmas!

    plus, lots of studying over anatomy, dosage calc, nutrition, med term books before fall!

    oh..yeah........breathing........ :spin:

    our sixth wedding anninversary is july 30th and our 10th year "together" is august 4th.

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  7. by   nica71
    In just two more weeks I will be on a cruise on the new Caribbean Princess. Then, I will have one week off. I start school Aug. 30:hatparty:
  8. by   johnsoty
    I plan on relaxing and spending a lot of time with my family. I am counting down the weeks until I start, August 23. I will make the most of these last few weeks of freedom.

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