New England CRNA Programs/ Admission Rates/work experience

  1. Hello All,

    I am a military trained LPN who has a bachelor's degree in Biochestry and has just finished up my ADN in nursing in hopes to attend Anesthesia school. I have recently been hired by the PICU and plan to work for a for a year or two prior to applying. Any input on whether this will be enough experience, I have worked in a mainly med/surg for seven years within the US Army to date.

    I ahve been planning to focus my admission efforts on the university of new england in Portland, ME, but in reading within the forum many recommend applying to 3-7 different programs for best results. If anyone has sound information on some good programs in the new englang area it would be very much appreciated. Also any commentary on acceptance rates in this area would be of great assistance.

    I am very anxious to get started! and any inspiring words or otherwise would help out alot. thankyou.

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  3. by   lgcv
    I would check with the schools you are most interested in and make sure that PICU is acceptable, I think a lot of schools prefer adult critical care experience.
    How many schools to apply to varies by person. But, I would say at least two.
  4. by   Qwiigley
    I think that it is very good advise to talk to the schools that you plan to attend. I have worked PICU for 5 years, and when I applied to the program I had research and selected... that is the only one I applied to. I told them so in the interview.
    I will start next week.