Need to shadow a CRNA in Minnesota

  1. I am very interested in becoming a CRNA and am currently a nurse employed ay the U of M medical center in the ICU. Would anyone be willing to allow me to shadow them in Minnesota? Please PM me if you are willing.

    Thank you
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  3. by   SRNA11
    I am currently a SRNA at Minneapolis School of Anesthesia. I did some shadowing at several minneapolis hospitals before going to school. one of the U of M. Call the OR front desk and ask to talk to the chief nurse anesthetist (moderator note: please, no personal names). Tell her your deal and you should be able to shadow right there....once, twice, whatever you want.
    I also called Abbott and they were more than happy to let me come, and I also went to Childrens' Minneapolis (where i worked in the PICU). Schools love to hear that youve shadowed and it is a great experience to see what anesthesia is like.

    Instead of asking a person (which is usually not possible) around to the local hospitals. ask to talk to the chief anesthestist and they shoud be able to hook you up.
  4. by   ORNLxxx
    Question - when shadowing do you ensure that the PT is verbally asked for permission ?
  5. by   SRNA11
    Im not sure what you mean.

    PT? This posting was about shadowing a nurse anesthetist in the operating room. And you usually have to get permission from the chief nurse anesthetist of the hospital.
  6. by   SRNA11
    Okay I had a little brain fart!

    PT: as in patient. When I shadowed (a number of times). I did have to sign a hippa contract but the patients were never verbally asked if it were okay. The nurse anesthetist just would say...."this is jen....she is a nurse and she'll be shadowing me today". No one ever said no or had any problems with it. If so I'm sure I would have had to move rooms.

    sorry that I was confused. When I saw PT I just automatically thought Physical Therapist! HAHa
  7. by   skipaway
    Quote from ORNLxxx
    Question - when shadowing do you ensure that the PT is verbally asked for permission ?
    Yes, it's a requirement now at our hospital that all "visitors" have a signed consent form stating the patient agrees to this person being in their room during surgery. I've never had a patient not consent.
  8. by   ORNLxxx
    One of the reasons I bring this up is because, in addition to general respect for the patient, AMA ethics state that student involvement must specifically be 'discussed" with the patient.