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As most of you know, I have started looking for real for a new job. I am learning quite a bit as I go. If you are interested, I will post updates here, to let you know how the hunt is progressing. ... Read More

  1. by   New CCU RN
    Just wantd to wish ya good luck with your job hunting
  2. by   kmchugh

    Going this Friday to the interview. So far, the hospital has paid for all travel, hotels, meals, rent a car, etc. I am doing all of this through a head hunter who normally does only locum tenens work, but is doing a permanent placement as a favor to the hospital. I must say, I am impressed with both the head hunter and the hospital.

  3. by   TraumaNurse
    Best of luck, Kevin!
  4. by   kmchugh
    I leave today for the interview. Won't have access to a computer till I get back, and won't be back till Sunday night. I'll let you all know what happens.

  5. by   g8rlimey
    Good luck brother, wish you the best of bargaining powers!
  6. by   kmchugh
    Well, its been quite a weekend. The town was just about everything I expected. Small, rural, pop 5000. PO - DUNK. But, I have come to know that if a CRNA wants to make a better salary, then the CRNA has to look at more rural areas. And, as small towns go, this one is pretty nice. A few places to go, not too much trash, etc.

    The hospital has 2 OR's, and does 2 - 10 cases a day. (It appears that the busiest days are not actually surgery days, but days that endoscopy is done.) There is also a pretty active OB department there, so there will be some after hours OB work. Primarily, that will consist of putting in epidurals, then sleeping in the hospital till delivery impends. Currently, there is one CRNA there, and she is leaving in about 18 months. In the time between, they are looking to hire two more CRNA's so there will be a total of three CRNA's.

    Contract wise, I'm getting most of the same benefits I get now, though the retirement isn't nearly what I get with my current position. However, the couple of things that I'm not getting are more than made up for by a SUBSTANTIAL increase in salary. Though I'm not really at liberty to say what the actual salary is, it is greater than a 60% increase over current salary, so the differences in retirement and student loan repayment assistance are more than made up for. There is also a $10,000 sign on bonus, and all moving expenses are paid by the hospital.

    I am not part of the nursing staff at this hospital, but considered part of the medical staff, with all the benefits any other member of the medical staff. I will not only be involved in OR and OB, but will advise on issues of ventilation management and critical care with the few patients who need that type of care. No heads or hearts. There is one general surgeon who does not seem to be afraid of doing any type of general surgery, up to and including whipple procedures. The nice thing is, looking at his credentials and experience, he is not overstepping, and is fully capable of doing what he says he can do.

    I was a bit overwhelmed by the welcome we received in this town. On our arrival, the sign in front of the hospital had been changed to welcome us (by name) to the hospital. We were ushered into a conference room where a large wicker basket awaited. Along with various candies and cookies, these people had discovered what the interests of my family were, and provided small gifts for each of us. My 20 year old daughter received a Dixie Chicks CD, and the 3 year old got a Thomas the Tank Engine book and a Princess Barbie.

    They had nearly all of my time scheduled with meetings with doctors and tours of the facility. We ate meals with the medical staff, so everyone had a chance to meet me and look me over, while I was afforded the same opportunity.

    My wife was taken on a tour of the area by a local realtor, and found a 120 year old house within a five minute walk of the hospital that has been completely refurbished in the last five years. It is a gorgeous five bedroom Victorian. The back patio has been completely bricked in, and covered. It receives heat from the house, but is open enough to give an outside feel. Its great.

    I have not yet committed to anything. I didn't want to act based on the overwhelmed feeling I had, so I am considering the offer. They are going to mail a work agreement to me this week, and if it includes all the items we discussed, I'd say there is a 99.999% chance that I'll be moving soon. (They even want to buy me out of my current contract.) In return for the bonus and moving expenses, I have only a one year committment to work for the hospital.

    So, that's where the job hunt stands.

  7. by   London88

    Without knowing all the fine details, it seems like this hospital has made it its mission to snare you. I would be feeling very special if I were in your place. It sounds like a great place to work. First impressions go a long way!
  8. by   smiling_ru
    It does sound like a great place. There is a lot of value to working in a facility where you are GREATLY appreciated. It sure seems that that will be the case if you go there. And, there is nothing better then an old victorian house!
  9. by   MICU RN
    Way to go Kevin! Did you ever think when you were an ICU RN that one day you would be treated so well by a hospital and medical staff? It is good to see a fellow nurse get treated so well and professional. Just think if they started treating RN's half that well what kind of difference it could make with the profession as a whole. After reading your experience it motivates me more to keep trying to become a crna. As a matter of fact, I start my grad. stats course today and hopefully I will start crna school next fall.
  10. by   EmeraldNYL
    Wow!! They really wined and dined you, huh? Congrats on your great offer!
  11. by   Brenna's Dad
    That's excellent Kevin. Good luck
  12. by   TexasCRNA

    Good to hear you are getting some good offers. I have interviewed with a few so far and have not found anything of interest as of yet. If you don't mind, I would love to know who you are using as your headhunter if you are happy with their sevices.

    Thanks, Lee.
  13. by   glow_worm
    I know the CRNAs start out at 100K in my area (UNC-Chapel Hill). But it sounds like your offer was much higher, around 120K before the sign-on bonus. Wow.