Must have clinical texts!

  1. The search feature didn't turn up too much in the way of what I was looking for here.

    So my question is this: For those who are in residency right now or are in current practice, what are some books/pocketpc/palm programs that you find indispensable for your daily preparation/reference/quick guide/etc...?

    I currently have:
    Clinical Anesthesiology by Morgan & Mikhail-Like
    Anesthesia Brain by BrainStationUSA-Awesome!
    ClinAne by Skyscape (Barash on PocketPC)-Very Nice
    Atlas of Human Anatomy by Netter-Simply a must-have!
    Archimedes by Skyscape-Some good calculations

    I am also considering Anesthesiologist's Manual of Surgical Procedures by Jaffe-A friend has it and it seems to be a great prep book.

    Gimme must-haves only!
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  3. by   smiling_ru
    You have most of what I use the only additions would be:
    (these are all PDA apps, and all are freeware)

    Epocrates or Tarascon for quick drug reference

    I like alticopeia, provides information regarding herbals and their side effects. This information is hard to find anywhere else.

    Then there is a pda form of the regional booklet that astra zeneca put out. It provides pictures, landmarks, dosing and side effects for most peripheral blocks. It is called compendium of regional anesthesia
  4. by   SCHMEGGA
    Oops, I do have the beta version of Tarascon as well for PocktPC.

    Thanks, smiling_ru for the other recommendations. I will look into those other 2.
  5. by   vaccrn
    Oh what texts to get! As an SRNA finishing up the first year, I must say that I wish there were a simple answer to this question. For what it's worth here's my rankings of the texts I'm familure with:
    1)Basics of Anesthesia (aka Baby Miller): great book, hits all of the important topics well. Several CRNAs and MDAs have said this is THE book to get to you through your boards
    2)Clinical Anesthesia, by Barash. A litlle more depth than Baby Miller but remains fairly readable.
    3)Anesthesia, by Miller. This 2 volume SOB covers it all. If you want to know what the effects of Desflorane are on a rat, while hung upside down, the study will be cited in somewhere in the text.
    4) Clinical Anesthesiology, by Morgan and Mikhail. Great intro to anesthesia book, but lacking in depth.
    5) Nurse Anesthesia by Nagelhout. Like M&M a great intro to anesthesia but lacking in some areas.
    I have to say that my ranking is influenced by the fact that as part of my program we do case case reviews with the Anesthesia residents. Citing M&M or Nagelhout is the same as telling the residents to disregard any input we may have.

    I haven't put together a good collection of PDA programs yet. Epocrates is great, as it is free. If you want to drop some cash ($69) Sota Omoigui's Anesthesia Drug Handbook gives much more detail (available through skyscape).

    Finally, I have to say this is my first posting. Nilepoc turned me onto All Nurses almost a year ago and I've been lurking ever since.
  6. by   SCHMEGGA
    Originally posted by vaccrn
    ...Finally, I have to say this is my first posting. Nilepoc turned me onto All Nurses almost a year ago and I've been lurking ever since.
    I am glad to be the one to pull you outta your shell. Welcome. And thanks for the advice.
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    ...we can make this topic a "sticky", much like the CRNA FAQ? Something with input from everyone, and easily accessible. Just an idea....
  8. by   nilepoc
    It can be done, I have to check with Brian first, as he may consider it advertising. I will get back to you.