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  1. Hi all..been lurking here awhile. Just finishing my BSN with 9 years in Neuro-Trauma ICU. I'm making plans on selling my home and moving south...west! Looked at the CRNA school in Naples out of Florida Golf Coast Univ. Anyone have any input regarding that school? Sure would love some input before I hit the road and make a mistake!
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  3. by   FL-SRNA
    I would choose GFCC or FIU if I were you and had to stay in FL-at least Naples is a decent part of fl...good luck to least I think you'll like the area even if you don't like the of luck!
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    Fl srna,

    Hi. I am in the process of researching schools to apply to for next year and Florida has been one of my top two states. I was actually looking into the two schools in Miami. I would actually prefer not to be in SE florida, but those are two big schools that I might have a chance of getting into. Plus, I have family there, and now that I have a baby daughter at home, it would be nice to have some help with babysitting!:chuckle

    How bad is it? Are these schools any worse than other programs or is it just because you are in south Florida? (traffic, crowded, expensive, etc.) Any inside info would be greatly appreciated.

    I am also looking into Duke and East Carolina in NC.
  5. by   FL-SRNA
    wheez, it's NOT just the location (traffic etc), it is the schools are not well ranked-it is pretty much left up to the student to learn on his/her own this is, however, only my of luck to you!!! Bone up on pharmacodynamic/kinetics and chemistry in your time offf....IT WILL pay off!!!
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