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    I have been reading the CRNA forum for a few days now....To tell the truth I can't pull myself away. I am hopeing to enter CRNA school in the next few years. I am an RN and also a Respiratory Therapist. I am interested in a new program that has just opened in Beckley WV. The school is called Mountain State University and they have a brand new program that is just opening this spring. I have been searching the web and the AANA site for all the info I can get about the profession of nurse anesthesia. Becoming a CRNA is so interesting to me and seems like the logical way that I can build upon both of my previous undergrad programs (nursing and Resp therapy). I would love any info that any current SRNA's or CRNA's have to offer. I do have a family (wife/daughter) and I am curious as to how other nurses with families accompolish this goal....I am not nieve as I do realize that I will be making a huge investment (monetary/time/life style change) to attend an anesthesia program. How do you support your families during the schooling? How do you handle the seperation from the family?? One thing that attracts me to the School I mentions is that it is the only program in the Country that allows the student to work from home/combined with oncampus requirements to complete the course work. They say that clinicals can be arranged as close to home as possible. Sounds like a more flexible option for nurses like me who can't abandon the family for 27months. I am just curious as to the opinion of SRNA's and CRNA's on this type of training. Anything that anyone can offer to me as far as advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    If you already have not seen that thread, it just might answer one or more questions. Good luck!
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    Arnie, I am starting the program at Mountain State (orientation starts this Wednesday). I have almost the same set of circumstances as you and I feel the program will be a great fit for me. The program director assures me that I will be a well prepared practitioner when I graduate, which is ultimately the most important thing for me considering the innovative nature of this program as well as the fact that it is the first of its kind in the country. I'm sure there will be some drawbacks to this format that I will realize upon actually getting more into the course of study. I was impressed with the faculty and it sounds as though everything is in place for the students. I can let you know more about how things are going later on! One drawback that I am aware of at this point is the fact that the cost of tuition is so exhorbitant as compared to other schools in the region (total=55,000+). Good luck, hope this helps!
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    SRNA2be.....CONGRATULATIONS!!!!.You must be very excited...It seems as though our situations are very similar indeed. I will be finishing my BSN next December....and will need to take the GRE sometime soon also.....You mention tht you completed the Physics/Bio-Chem online.....what school did you do this with? I am completing my BSN with University of Delaware...Dr. Ellis advised me that a more traditional course for the Physics/Chem would be best.......But for me time is a factor and most of my spare time will be spent finishing the BSN requirements.....I did take a Chem course as well as a Physics course in Respiratory Therapy program about 15 years ago...Hopefully at least on of these courses will be acceptable to Mt. State and I won't have to repeat both. How was your interview at Mt.State, any pointers? I am so happy to make contact with an actual student at Mt. State...I am sure you will soon be very busy....but it sure sounds like you are motivated and prepared for the commitment.....I think I am getting addicted to this forum....I just finished a 13 hour shift and could not wait to get home and start viewing the postings here.....Good Luck to you!!! With some luck I may be in your shoes this time next year!!
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    Arnie, I would agree with Dr. Ellis that a more traditional setting for the Physics and Biochemistry courses is better. I took both of these through Mountain State and I learned very little. Although I had taken previous courses in the subject, I thought these would refresh my memory-they didn't. The only way I would recommend taking these courses online is if you are pressed for time and have no other means of getting in a traditional classroom course. Dr. Ellis assures me that we are going to be taught how chemistry and physics applies to the practice of anesthesia within the CRNA curriculum (in fact its one of our first semester classes). The online courses that I took had nothing to do with the physics of gases, which, to my understanding, is a major component of the physics knowledge that CRNAs must posess. Where are you located? Private message me and we can correspond further.

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