Military or civilian Nurse Anesthetist with hearing disability

  1. Millitary or civilian Nurse Anesthetist with hearing disability hi all

    I am graduating this December with BSN and thinking about joining the military to hopefully get into the CRNA program. However i am deaf in one ear and i have been deaf in one ear since childhood and it hasn't affect my ADL because my other ear had somehow manage to be more capable than normal to maintain my hearing and the problem only shows up on a hearing test yearly, not one of my friends have notice this hearing problem. My question is, what are my chance of getting into the military CRNA program with hearing disability. This question is for CRNA'S and SRNA's . Have any of you hear anything about acceptance of student with disabilities?

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  3. by   apaisRN
    Do a search, I remember someone posting about being a CRNA with hearing loss a while back.

    From my perspective (1st year SRNA who has yet to enter clinical) I'd think one good ear is plenty. I'm sure you've already developed many mechanisms to compensate that will serve you in the OR. I don't think the programs you apply to need to know about it. Anyone else have thoughts on that?
  4. by   READY4ANAP?
    I am currently on active duty and will be starting the Army's CRNA program this summer in Texas. Unfortunately, the standard rule is that you will not be able to join the military due to being deaf in one ear. Prior to coming on to active duty potential applicants are given a physical. Part of the physical has a hearing test which tests each ear individually. Additionally, the hearing requirements for potential applicants to the Army's CRNA program are more stringent. However, do not be discouraged. There is an old saying in the military about situations like yours, "there is a waiver for everything." I have seen waivers for most everything you can imagine in the military. I would say try applying and see if you can get a waiver for your hearing. I would love to have you as a fellow CRNA working by my side. It makes me feel good on the inside to know that you are willing to come on to active duty despite your pre-exisiting medical condition.
  5. by   zandra
    apaisRN and READY4ANAP? thanks for the reply and encouragement. i am having a recruiter have me talk to MEPS personnel about knowing first hand if such wavier can be done. i would update if it can be done

    thanks again