matts update

  1. so far, so good. keeping my head above water at least. I spent most of this week, this weekend and half of the next week pounding pharm into my head for the first of three tests for the semester.
    in pharm last sememster we had to learn general things about hundreds of drugs. this this test is over about 25 drugs only we gotta know absolulty everything about each one. seditive hypnotics, bzd's and opiates. doenst sound to bad right. but once you start comparing and contrasting them agains each other it can get a little hairy.
    not much else to say.. just study, study, study,,....
    lol.. iam at the library of a local medical school and i can hear some students in a studying room racking their brains over oms law.. lol he he. its nice to be past that stuff. that was so last semester... hmph med students.
    i am kidding of course

    well kind of.

    the funny thing is i cant really spell ohms law.... oh there we go
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  3. by   NCgirl
    Happy to hear things are going well. And if you want to cry to someone about the upcoming pharm test, and hear ya' loud and clear. I have that same exact test next week. This past weekend was filled with cardiac pressure-volume loops. Whatever happened to my social life? Hope everyone's semester's are also speeding by!
  4. by   meandragonbrett
    Thanks for the update! Sounds like you're not having any trouble keeping busy!! How much longer do you have left? Hang in there!!