List of CRNA Programs, General Info provided

  1. I see a lot of messages for a complete list of CRNA programs and general information about becoming a CRNA. Visit my web site for all this information:
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  3. by   WntrMute2
    Thanks, I just wanted to publically thank you for putting together your page. It was the first I ran into a couple of years ago when I started researching CRNAs. It was nice to have such a large amt of info complied in one place, especially the programs websites. Keep it up.
  4. by   Roland
    page. I intend to write each and every CRNA program and ask them some basic questions such as:

    1. Is your program front loaded or integrated?

    2. What is the average GPA, GRE, and experience level of your typical successful applicant. How many applicants for each spot do you typically receive?

    3. Do you offer a thesis or Ph'd option?

    4. Do you require or prefer any science courses beyond what is required for a BSN at most nursing schools?

    5. Besides ACLS, PALS, and CCRN what certifications might be helpful in gaining admission?

    6. Do you have any preferences for types of critical care experience (SICU verses MICU ect.)

    If anyone has any other questions I should ask please let me know. I intend to ask for permission to publish my findings on this forum, and to present my data when it is complete. Also, does this list represent ALL of the CRNA programs that are out there? I have always wondered why a state like Pennsylvania seems to have so many CRNA's programs, while other states like mine have NONE!
  5. by   Kiwi
    Lt Col Evans,

    I have been visiting your site for quite a long time! I'm happy to have this opportunity to finally thank you for your advice. As a BSN student, yours is one of the few sites that details information on how to "work your way up". To other BSN students visiting the board: I highly recommend this website if you have a serious interest in Nurse Anesthesia.
  6. by   TraumaNurse

    I too would like to thank you! I have been visiting your web page for several years as well for all the great info and links that is found there. Glad you could join us at allnurses! Welcome.
  7. by   Kason
    Hey Roland, I think you should also include more questions about the actual program. Are ther any mandatory away sites for clinical? Is there competition between srna and residents for cases? What percent of your students have passed their boards in the last 5 years? How much regional, rural (and/or any other realm of anesthesia you are interested in) does the program have to offer. Another question might be if you can contact a senior student. In my opinion, the type or program that will best fit you is the most important thing. If you learn better by having it spoon fed to you, a program that forces you to learn more outside of class, might not be the fest fit for you. You don't want to move your family across country only to find out that the program doesn't fit you. You'll have a very tough time trying to relearn how to study and not to mention a very unhappy spouse! Hope this helps.

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