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Hi I'm new to allnurses and I love it. I'm getting lots of great information. Thanks to everyone for all the info out there. I've been slinking around this site for a while and decided to join... Read More

  1. by   KC CHICK
    Sorry if I jumped on you. Maybe I just misunderstood. I'm used to people assuming they know what I do...when many have never been in an OR before, that's all.

    Thanks for the advice...I'm sure it will come in handy some day.
  2. by   WntrMute2
    I talked to my program director about OR experience qualifying for NA school. He says that the ANAA says 1 year of "Critical Care" is required. Exactly how that is interperted is up to the individual scools. HFH and St Joes in Detroit have decided that while OR experience is valuable, it is not the training they want. He claims that most schools but NOT ALL have similar policies. So maybe checking the individual schools you are thinking of applying to would help you make the decision whether to work in an ICU for a while. Good luck