Just A Whole Bunch Of Questions From A Highschool Student

  1. hello i have a question, what do i major in science, science nursing, biology? also me and my clinicl teacher have been debating over how much a crna earns. i say it is 100,000 a year and she says it is 50,000 can someone end this battle. i dont want to sound too shallow but money is another variable in my decision to want to become a crna. and can any crna's tell me some things that made them want to become a crna??
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  3. by   purplemania
    Are you referring to High School or college? If high school, you need to major in as many science courses as possible (chemistry, biology,etc.). If you are referring to college, you will need to take whatever courses are set up for the nursing degree plan. As for salary, I know many staff nurses making $50,000/yr or better. CRNA's make more because of their increased liability and education required. In my state the CRNA's are required to have a minimum of 2 years as a nurse in a critical care area, so your first step is to get the RN license. There is MUCH MORE to professional nursing than money. I hope you base your career goals on how suitable the profession is for you personally. BTW, the fact that you are seeking information indicates you would make a good nurse because nurses have to plan ahead.

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  4. by   longroadahead
    CRNA's make on average about $100,000 a year but it can vary by huge amounts depending on where you practice. BUT, a CRNA's job is very intense and fragile at the same time, so I suggest you seriously research it before you plug away at it.