Is it inappropriate...

  1. to send a good personal statement to a school that does not require it? Opinions?

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  3. by   ticu
    are you all anesthesized?
  4. by   smiling_ru
    I think that the most negative thing that could occur is that they do not read it.
    But, I guess there is always the possibility that they think you have applied to so many schools that you are sending it without regard to their requirements, which would not be good.
    Maybe, the best advise is to call the program director and ask what their thoughts are.
  5. by   renerian
    Do you mean a positive reference? I have included those before.

  6. by   ticu
    OK, smiling_ru, I think you have a point there...

  7. by   ticu
    no renerian, I meant personal statement of goals. The reason why you want to become CRNA, etc.
  8. by   ticu
    btw, I too long for the ocean...
  9. by   Pete495
    I have a packet of information I am sending to the schools I will be applying too. I applied last year, got asked to do all my interviews, but didn't go to them because I wanted to wait a year. Anyway, included in my packet of information is a personal statement of goals. I applied to 4 schools, and one of them did not require a personal statement of goals but I sent it anyway because it was in my packet of information. But if another school wants something like college transcripts or whatever, I send it to the school that doesn't want it anyway. Of course, if there's something you don't think would be advantageous for them to see, then don't send it. But I think the personal statement of goals is very important, esp. related to anesthesia. For one thing it will help with your interview, and another, it will make you realize how motivated you really are to go through with the education.
  10. by   WntrMute2
    Sure send one. When looking for a job, one usually sends a cover letter explaining why the fit between employer and employee would be good even though a letter is not required or mentioned.
  11. by   renerian
    I had to do an essay for my BS/MS program on my goals and why I was aspiring to enter those programs. Cannot hurt to send one.

  12. by   ticu
    Thank you all for your comments!
  13. by   athomas91
    my school required a paper stating my goals/reasons etc...