Is 2yrs really enough?

  1. Hello,
    The moment I decided I wanted to become a nurse I knew I wanted to go all the way and get my Masters. I start the BSN program in Aug. 2003. My question is about the required work experience to get into a CRNA program. I know most schools require 1 yr ICU, I thought I would work for 2yrs at a Level I trama SICU and then apply. Is it possible to get in and be prepared with 2yrs experience? Or if I did get in, would I be lost because not enough experience. I emailed the school I want to get into once I apply to CRNA school and they emailed me back and just stated 1yr was required. I just wanted to know the real scoop on experience and have a better idea once I'm there. Thanx for any advice.
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  3. by   charles-thor
    Well I certainly can't speak for every program, but I can tell you I got into 3 of the 4 schools that I interviewed with. I too had 2 years under my belt at one of the nations' leading teaching hospitals. The last school, however, said I didn't have enough experience, however everyone I interviewed with was in thier 30s with many years of experience. Provided you have steller grades, GRE, recommendations, ect, you should do fine. Best of luck!
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    Thanx for the advice, it is greatly appreciated..
  5. by   szoozoo
    I heard that one girl was accepted to the Acron University program straight after graduation from BSN program! Of course, she had 4.0 gpa and is really smart...
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    We have several in our program (~5) that had less or right at one year experience when they applied, but they are all exceptional students. It can be done.
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    I've really read up on becoming a CRNA and the program I'm looking towards when I final do apply already states on there website that it is VERY rare that someone with 1 CC experience will be admitted into the program so I'm not worried about it. I don't won't to rush and be underprepared if I were to get in. My first year I plan on focusing getting all the certifications (PALS<ACL<CCRN), second year retake chem 1 &2 even though I made a C in chem1 and an A in intro to Organic & Biological. Then once I get those classes out of the way, I think I"ll feel more stronger when I apply and show I've been preparing myself for the program. I think my GPA is competitive 3.68 but could be better,sciences 3.2 which needs to be higher also so thanks for the hope and appreciate your comments.
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    Hey shirleyTX,

    Your GPA is fantastic for a program. I wouldn't worry a bit about that! We have at least one new admission coming in this next year who has a 2.8 GPA. THere is much more to being admitted than just a GPA. Experience and interview are also very important, with no true emphasis on any one department. You need to be well rounded. You look as if you are doing everything right to get in. I have no doubt that you are an optimal candidate. You already show the enthusiasm and desire needed to make it though the program. Keep on your track and maybe we will work together some day.
  9. by   Brenna's Dad
    The AANA certification requires that enrolling students have a least a year of CC experience.
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    Schmegga, are you attended school now or in the Fall? I hope maybe you find time to add to the forum any interesting pointers for us wantabe's cause I'm sure I'm not the only one that would appreciate it. Thanx again for the wonderful advice and support.
  11. by   CRNA, DNSc
    I need to clarify the previous post on AANA requirement.

    1)The body that governs the accreditation of nurse anesthesia programs is the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Edcuational Programs. It is an autonomus body from the AANA.

    2)The requirement actually states that a program is required to enroll only students who have at least 1 year of experience as a registered professional nurse during which they have had the opportunity to develop as independant decision makers, demonstrate pyschomotor skills, and dispaly the ability to use advanced monitoring techniques, based on knowledge of physiological and pharmacological principles.

    3)Programs may indicate what types of experiences or which unit experiences they will accept or set a requirement of more than 1 year of experience. Entrance requirements beyond the 1 year experience as an RN are the perogative of the individual program.
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    Originally posted by shirleyTX
    Schmegga, are you attended school now or in the Fall? I hope maybe you find time to add to the forum any interesting pointers for us wantabe's cause I'm sure I'm not the only one that would appreciate it. Thanx again for the wonderful advice and support.
    A little about me:

    I have almost completed my didactic work (Final in 2 weeks!!!) and will begin residency on August 18th. I am heading to Abilene, TX at Hendrick Medical Center which is where I am from. I worked in the Critical Care Unit there from my senior year in the BSN program (1994) until October 2001. I then did cardiovascular recovery for a year at All-Saints in Ft. Worh before entering the Wesleyan program last fall. I have done a 90 hour rotation with a CRNA during my senior year in nursing school and knew that this is what I was going to do.

    I am here! I am an avid (you might say addicted) computer user/builder/etc... so I will be in here quite a bit now that I have discovered the boards. I will try and post in any and all threads that I can. Ask me anything you want to know about preparation for school, life while in school, etc... I will be more than happy to give advice (hopefully it will be good ).
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    My two cents..........I don't think years of experience counts as much as some schools lead on. They pretty much teach you everything you need to know in school about anesthesia. Please correct me if I am wrong for I am not currently a SRNA or CRNA, but I want to be! For instance, I had applied to a four schools this past fall and was offered interviews to all of them. (Background- I have 6 years ED, 2yrs Neurosurgery ICU- Level 1, ACLS, PALS, TNCC, CEN; GPA- 3.2 (with C's in Chem I, II, and Microbiology- 12 years ago), GRE- 1510). My GPA and GRE were not exceptional, but I thought ok in order to apply to school. Well, one of the first things asked in all the interviews.........."Tell me about your C's in Chem." Needless to say I did not get accepted, I don't know if this is the only reason, but it certainly didn't help. Recently, 2 people in my unit with less than 1 yr experience that I precepted were accepted into school (they both had 3.98 GPA.) I had applied to the same program and the program director told me the only reason I didn't get in is because of my C's in science courses. So, I believe based on my experience that work experience, although valuable, does not weigh as heavily as academic performance. I'm not giving up...............I just finished retaking Chem I and Micro ending up with an A and plan to take Chem II this fall. My advice is work the required length of time in a good ICU, but most of all make good grades to get that "exceptional" edge when applying...........Good luck
  14. by   kevro1013
    This "c" stuff is making me nervous.
    First let me say this board for discussion is GREAT! It has given me a renewed vigor for persuing a career in anesthesia.
    I am a RN who is currently working in the ED(1 year exp), about to make the switch to ICU (Next two weeks, cannot wait!) I plan to work for approx two years in the unit before applying to crna schools.
    *Question: I rec'd one "C" in an anatomy lab (A&P 2 lab worth one hour) when I took one full year of A&P in eight weeks over a summer.I rec'd mostly A's in all my nursing classes and sciences and graduated with a 3.57.(only other "C" was in theatre) Do I have anything to worry about or am I being anal?
    Just wondering if anyone has a crystal ball out there!