1. Quick question. I just received a letter today to set up a date for an interview! Which I am totally psyched about! I know it is a small step, but anyway my question is; does everyone who fits the criteria for a seat in the upcoming class, does he/she automatically get an interview? Or does the committee start weeding out candidates before the interview process?

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  3. by   Anesthetist_to_be
    You are further in the process than I am. I am still waiting for some news whether I am worthy of an interview. Good Luck!!!
  4. by   MaleAPRN
    Interview criteria often depends solely on the committee's OWN set of guidelines. The minimum of course is that the candidate has the pre-requisites for the program (1 yr ICU...GPA, etc). The school will often interview more than what they will accept for the class. They select the best candidates from the pool by either ranking order, or just by deliberately spreading out the qualifications/backgrounds of candidates, just as long as they meet the MINIMUM criteria for getting into the program. So, YES...the school will screen each application and will "weed" out the ones that are less "impressive" for the interview pool. Lastly, the INTERVIEW process will MAKE OR BREAK your chances of getting into a program. It's VERY SUBJECTIVE. So, I would brush up on your interview skills, manerisms, diction, public speaking, etc. It's almost like getting into the final rounds of the interview portion of a pageant competition. :-)
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