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So, I just re-visited Baylors app packet. its a nice folder somewhat like the one Duke's comes in. the picture on the front is in an OR. the table is ready but the little girl is sitting on the... Read More

  1. by   lgcv
    The other thing I would check on is the availability of cases for students, as there is a large residency program at Duke they may have a lot of competition for cases. Just ask the director what the average number of Crani's, CABG's, central lines, and regionals the current students are getting.
    There are a few programs that use their students as slave labor. The main problem with that being that you do what is on the schedule and may not be able to get to the more interesting cases. 1900 hours is a lot of hours for a 24 month program, definately talk to some current students about their clinical experience there.
    It may be that none of these things are a concern with this program, but it is worth your time to check it out.
    Otherwise, just the fact that they are a new program should not be a problem, there may be a few bugs to work out but they should be minor.
  2. by   g8rlimey
    Well, my top two are Georgetown and Duke, so I'm planning on hashing out the great suggestions you offered lgcv tommorrow on the phone with Duke and G-Town. Thanks for the advice. Where may I ask are you attending lgcv?
  3. by   alansmith52
    I took 37 and shaved it down to twelve. I have my resuem done and my letter of intent. I have split up the refrences between 8 diffrent people so that no one person has to fill out more than 5. I am not sure I can remember them all. lets see..

    Georgia Medical
    Old dominion
    Bay medical
    St. Marys
    minn. school of anes
    pitt univerisity
    pennsylvaini hosp
    If any of you have been to any of these or know anything about them let me know.
  4. by   nilepoc
    I have a friend that is currently in the St. Mary's program. No GRE is required for application, and the interview was a phone interview. Apply early, my friend was under the impression that they accept people in the order that their complete application was received. He felt that the interview was just to make sure you existed. BTW he is enjoying his program, and is making me insanely jealous telling me about it.

    Mayo has large competition between MDA and CRNA students, from what I have heard. In fact one of the MDA's was complaining about it this evening.

    I can't tell you much about the rest of them.

  5. by   lgcv

    I attend Kevins alma mater... Newman University in Kansas
  6. by   AL bug
    I am at CAMC now. Can't remember, have I told you about it?
  7. by   alansmith52
    in fact your testimony made me decide to apply.
    just foud out that sait marrys is taking apps for may 2004 yeesh. I can't wait that long. unless I have to of course.
  8. by   AL bug
    good luck
  9. by   smogmatt
    AL Bug & alansmith52 wheres the post about CAMC I am tring to find out where I want to do my CRNA program (Idaho doesn't have a program). WV a nice place to live?? school good?? let me know or point me in the direction of the post.

    alansmith52, one of my nursing professors was a grad mayo's he really liked it he had mentioned there was plenty of cases for mda residents and crna students.

    also what made you pick those schools what did you look for?? what have you found?? let me know please

  10. by   AL bug
    Hey Matt, I tried to respond last night, but the site had wigged out. Here is the website for CAMC. I think it's fine so far. I start anesthesia classes and clinicals in the fall. I can't wait. I have had 6 administration classes and cellular phisiology this summer.
    West Virginia is fine, I guess. It's just not home. The faculty is really nice and helpful and I think we are going to have good breaks in between semesters. Graduates that I have talked to say they were prepared when they graduated and recommend the program.
    Several reasons:
    I met the requirements
    Master fo Health Care Administration
    clinical sites are together
    started in May (I was in a hurry)
    good passing rate for exam

    Ask me specific questions if you want. I have posted the reasons before and I think I did a better job then if you want to look back. My brain is tired today.

  11. by   Rhon1991
    I was just curious about your list. Any reason why Virginia Commonwealth Univ wasnt on there? Had you just not considered it or ruled it out for some reason? I used to work at that hospital (Medical College of VA) and am just somewhat familiar with that program and some who have graduated. I saw that you had Old Dominion on your list which is in Norfolk, right? So, if you had that VA school, why not VCU?
  12. by   alansmith52
    that list is slightly outdated. about a week and a half ago I added LSU and VCU. both looked very impressive. so now I am at 14 and no more can be added seriously the refrences are out.
    So what do ya know.
    matt "aka alan"
  13. by   Rhon1991
    What do I know? I just heard that they (VCU) are rated one of the top ten because they have a simulator, they have high board pass rates and most, if not all anesthesia faculty are PhD prepared and students get more regional experience than other programs. Dont know the last part for a fact, its just what I heard. I have yet to compare programs.

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