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  1. would someone send me in the right direction with my palm. I bought a palm m515 two days ago. I have downloaded one thing for anesthesia school but i am having trouble hotsyncing other things on to my palm. Any suggestions would be wonderful. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   ageless
    Most palm programs, I have used, require Winzip or a similar program and do you use windows or something else? Can you be more specific?..I'd be glad to help.
  4. by   hoolahan
    Most programs require you to have software related to it. My palm has an expense program, but it wouldn't function b/c I didn't have excel on my PC. Did you get Documents to go? It allows yoou to sync w word and excel from your PDA to PCand vice versa. Also, many of those programs seem to relate to MS Acess, a database program, so if that isn't on your PC, it won't work.

    Try they have lots of articles there to help you, and they probably have a customer support area, or FAQ section you can check out.

    I got a great book from Best BUy called... "How to do everything with your Palm handheld" second ed by Johnson & Broida, Osbourne Pub 2001.

    Some of the trouble-shooting suggestions are ( and forgive me if it seems obvious, but ya never know ) sure you have the right post. You need to know if you are plugged into COM1 or COM2
    .....shut off any other applications that may be taking control of the COM port, like fax programs or remote control op's (?)
    ...Try a lower hot sync speed, esp if laptop or on Pentium/486 based computers
    ...close hot sync manager and re-start it, try a "soft reset" on the palm itself (hope you understand what the heck that means cuz I don't!)
    ...The app you are trying to install may be too big for your palm's memory (You have a lot tho, prob not the problem.) You would need to manulally delete this too large application by opening the install folder and delete whatever is in there, then try to hot sync again.
    ....Upgrade to the newest palmtop software (again, yours is new, shouldn't be the problem)
    ...If none of those things work, your palm or the hot sync cradle may be defective. If possible, test the system on another PC.

    Tap on the hot sync icon on the palm, press the scroll button in the up direction and simulatneously tap and hold the stylus on the upper right corner of the screen. You should immediately see a dialog box that says "DL Server Wait Forever is ON" Hot sync now while this is open, and you should connect w/o any time out errors. This is usu a prob if PC is older.

    If the palm aborts the Hot Sync immediately, it's a palm, not a PC problem. Do a "soft reset" on the palm, and the problem should resolve.

    Too many other things to write. IF you are getting a specific error message, post it, and I will check in the trouble-shooting hot sync section for you, or PM me.