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  1. I'm graduating in May with an associate. I got to job offers at the same hospital (has a NA school) in the CCU and the other is Critical Care Float Pool. In the float pool they mainly go to SICU/MICU, CCU, CPS, and HTU. I do have an interview this week in SICU. Witch one would be better for NA school?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Be aware that in the float pool, you usually will not be given the sicker of the patients. The ones on the ballon pumps and with all of the vasoactive drips will usually go to the regular staff, unless you have alot of previous experience in this area. And this is what the programs are looking for. Alot will depend on the types of patients that you will be taking care of, not the title of the unit.

    Hope that this helps..............
  4. by   Torm
    I'm currently working on the CCU and I would suggest to anyone that wants to get into CRNA school to do the same. I just graduated with my BSN and also just had my first interview at Arkansas State University (I'll know this week if I'm in or not). They seemed to be looking for experience with balloon pumps, swan-ganz caths, art lines, CVP's, vasoactive drips, and post ops. You get all of that on the CCU and you need to have those patients often to really understand what is going on. This may not matter to you but another thing is that floating sucks (personal oppinion). Being on the same unit with the same people is really nice. You get to be with nurses that have tons of experience and they are usually more willing to open up and educate nurses on their own unit, rather than float nurses that sometimes aren't seen as valuable to the unit. Good luck
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  5. by   stklgs
    CCU here. Start CRNA school in the fall. Stay away from the float pool. As mentioned in this thread float pool usually are not assigned difficult patients..
  6. by   UCDSICURN
    I third the stay away from the float pool. After that, any ICU in a large hospital will get you the necessary experience.