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  1. Hello Everyone! My name is Linda, I am new to allnurses.com, which is great by the way, I too am interested in becoming a CRNA, but am only working at the stage of working on my pre-reqs for the RN program. Yes, yes I know, I have a long way to go, but I have a positive outlook on life and I know it will happen given time. What I would like to know, if you guys do not mind sharing, is what advice you guys might have for me. Having experience or being further along in your education is there anything you would do different or might want to warn me about? I recently took the entrance exam for the LVN program and the science portion blew my mind! I am not eligible to take the RN entrance exam since I have not yet completed the pre-reqs, but I thought taking the LVN entrance exam would be a good experience for me. There were some 450 people there taking the exam and the program accepts only 30 students! At the orientation for the exam, students were informed that the test would cover math and reading skills - and nothing was said about SCIENCE! I know, I know, I should have known science would be on there - but hey, I have chalked it up to the learning experience it was meant to be. I need to find a pre-entrance exam study guide to help me begin preparing for the RN exam. I posted a message in the Student Nursing topic to see if I get any good bites - but if you guys have any suggestions I would really appreciate them as well. THANKS!
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    Are you guys ignoring me or what? You know, I have been warned, although I refuse to believe it could be true, that most CRNAs or CRNA students would not give me the time of day due to the early stage of my education process, but I am as determined as anyone of you are or were and I will get accomplish my goals successfully - with or without help from you guys. But, please understand that I would be extremely appreciative and feel much more comfortable if I were receiving your help. I have read a majority of the previous posts in this bulletin and they have been very informative and I want to thank you all for that. Anyway, I would really like to be "accepted" as a part of this group and any information you can provide would be great!
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    I am interested in anything about the education process of CRNAs; interviews with schools, how people live (financial aspect) while in school, especially if their like me and have a child, which education agencies are best, do schools that offer anesthesiology (for pre-meds) and nurse anesthesia give the better cases during clinicals to the future doctors and the left overs to the future CRNAs, as I have heard?
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    Start by reading my thread on becoming a CRNA. Then ask your specific questions.

    Kevin McHugh
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    lfulton 2002 You should go back through most of the posts of the past. And most of you questions, I believe are addressed. However, you need to be more specific. For example a question that relates to your specific circumstances. As far as the general as loans for college most have been addressed or have been redirected to other web sites.
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    Please don't take offense to the lack of responses. You're not being ignored. Just some posts get more responses than others. There is no 'clique' here you have to worry about being 'accepted'. I think it's a good idea to read Kevin's post and then go from there. I'm looking at schools too, I'm much further ahead education wise though. So, if you have any questions, maybe I can help. As for "I have been warned, although I refuse to believe it could be true, that most CRNAs or CRNA students would not give me the time of day due to the early stage of my education process" I'm not sure who told you this or why, but I find that untrue. Its good that you know what you want to do now versus taking meaningless classes and jobs and wasting your time and money. It's good you have a focus early. One thing I can advise if you live close to a major hospital, you could 'possibly' call the administration and get some 'shadowing' experience. Maybe not in OR, but in OB or something. That's what I did, and it was great!!!!
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    Hey Linda. I start anesthesia school Monday. I am really excited and remember all too well the place you are now. I have a couple of pieces of advice for you, for what they are worth. About CRNA's and CRNA's to be not wanting to give you their opinions or advice, anyone who goes to anesthesia school has payed their dues in an ICU somewhere. This means they have wiped butts with the best of them. Just because we have been fortunate enough to be blessed with opportunity to go into this wonderful field does not allow for forgettting where we come from. With that out of the way, I can only tell you which path I chose to get here. I went ADN and then RN-BSN bridge. I would do it again this way because I got build working experience after ADN and worked while doing RN-BSN. It has not been easy, but it worked.I had 3yrs experience when I graduated with BSN. Another thing I think I remember from your post is you are testing for LVN. Make sure you can certify to do IV therapy and work in an ICU before you go this way. It is obvious you know what you want to do, so don't spend any time doing some thing that won't forward your progress. I'll try to help with anything that I can from the student's perspective.

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    Okay guys, thanks for the information! I do have one question that I would consider specific; my question has to do with science. CRNA, RN and Nursing courses in general mainly focus on science. I don't really mind science courses, but I don't exactly care for them either. Basically, I take the courses because I have to. Is there a need to have an interest in science to become a successful nurse? Okay maybe I should not say successful - I was a computer programmer before making the decision to go back to school to become a CRNA and I was successful and very good at my job - but I did not like it and I was not happy. So, I guess what I am really asking is can a person who really has no general interest in science be happy in a nursing career?
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    Take a look at all the programs from this web site. This may answer some more of your questions.


    The way to guarantee that there is no competion for cases is to chose a program where there is no MDA residency program.

    Each school allows a certain amount of money for the student to borrow each year. These vary greatly because tuition varies.
    One example: Tuition 11,000 Certifiable amount 31,000
    That means they allow you to borrow up to cost of school. You would have 20,000 to live on. Another option is to contract with a facility for scholarship money, but you have to be very, very careful to not get yourself screwed over in doing this.

    hope this helps

  11. by   FritoPie
    Thanks for the info AL bug and congratulations on your acceptance to Anesthesia school!! Yeah, I was pretty much taking the LVN exam to find out where I would place among others testing and to get a taste of what the RN exam might be like. I won't know how I did until June though - and I hate not knowing so it is driving me nuts! Oh well, I was thinking though that if I did get accepted I would do the LVN program because after the completion of the LVN program and one year of working as an LVN you can do the LVN to RN transitional program, which takes one year and when completed you are an RN with an Associate's. I do not know if that part of my plan is a good idea or not - what do you guys think? But I thought while I was working that one year I could still keep working on the pre-reqs for the RN. I doubt I got in though - I honestly starting giving towards the end of the science portion. I plan on doing just about the same thing you did I want to get the ADN and then work in ICU while complete the Bachelor's in Nursing. Then when ready to apply to Anesthesia School I will have had experience, which is not only helpful in getting accepted but also - hands on experience is really good for me and makes me feel more comfortable. So what do you guys think, if I get accepted in the LVN program should I do it and then transition to RN or should I keep working on the pre-reqs for RN and just use the LVN test as a learning experience? I would really like to know what you guys think about this.
  12. by   FritoPie
    I have another question - I have been thinking about taking some of the Workforce Education courses offered at my college. They are non-credit courses so I was thinking they could really help me get a better understanding of nursing before I start the RN program and I would not have to worry about it jacking with my GPA. The main reason I was thinking about taking them is I was thinking they could help me get a better understanding on sunjects that will be learned in the RN program, especially since I have no medical experience at all. The courses offered are Telemetry/Monitor Technician, Anatomy & Phisiology (this one might be great before taking the real courses, AP I & II, where I am actually graded), Human Disease and Pathophysiology, Computerized Tomography, HVAC Level One B, Level Two A or B, Nurse's Aide for Health Organizations, Alzheimer's Training, Medication Administration for the Nurse's Aide, Pharmacy Tech, Phlebotomy, Basic Life Support CPR (I have to have this soon anyway), HEARTSAVER Facts, Healthcare Provider, BLS Heartsaver. I have no idea what some of these things even are - but do you guys think any of them would be helpful to take while I am taking pre-reqs for RN? I have always thought phlebotomy was cool - and would love to take that one! But which ones would you guys suggest, if any?
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    Someone else may want to reply since I already gave you my spill, but I would skip LVN, go straight through ADN. Some of the classes that might be beneficial would be A&P I & II, Human Disease and Patho, and CPR. I wouldn't do any of the other ones because they should do a good job of teaching you in RN school. You are right that you want good grades in all science classes.

  14. by   jfpruitt
    I've read and posted about your situation but I want to play devils advocate here w/o stirring feathers. However, why do you want to be a CRNA? I hate to break the news, but science is a VITAL part of your upcoming education and career, so if you 'hate' science, I dont see how you could ever make it through. I know, I know, there are CRNAs that hate science too. But I'm not talking plants and algae, the human body IS science. In my experience, if I dont like a subject, I tend not only pay attention, but get good grades. Just something to think about b/f you start your career.

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