Have applied for Barry last week, how soon to hear from them?

  1. Hi,
    I have applied Barry U. for the CRNA class in Spring, 2010. I don't know how soon I may hear from them ? because I may need to leave out of States for family reason. Can somebody give me an idea on what time window I will be notified to have interview? someone says it is around Sept. but it sounds too late. Will they contact me via email or snail-mail? Thanks!!!
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  3. by   jen123321
    I interviewed @ Barry and was accepted last year, but I did not like their program one bit. Anyway, they sent letters in the mail, a lg packet if I remember correctly. They also used email and called me. You should definitely call them and verify that they have received all your info....Barry does Lg scale interviews...there were about 30 people at mine. I interviewed in January and was told about it 2 months prior in like November...they will at least say something like yes we received your info and if you are selected we will be holding interviews the 2nd week of blah blah so at least you have an idea. These people know that we're nurses and schedules are made ahead of time. they are not hard to deal with so call them.
  4. by   Nancy C.
    Thanks so much for your reply. Actually, I checked with them last Friday to see if they have received my all credentials/transcript. I mailed it out two weeks ago in USPS express mail... But they said that they never receive it or the package is stuck in the mail room etc. I said that I want to make sure it will be all set before May 1st (deadline).

    May I know what pros and cons studying in Barry? I did not apply other school except Barry.

    I very much appreciate your advice.

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  5. by   cube
    Jen, why didn't u like the program at Barry?