Has anyone heard of this?

  1. An anesthesia school I spoke with recently gave some info to me that sounded almost too good to be true....They said:

    "Yes, we are open to formulating clinical sites that we do not previously have. It would be necessary that an MD or supervising anesthesiologist was present to guide your clinical."

    They also mentioned that I could take the 2nd/3rd semesters of the program wherever I chose, as long as there was a link available whereby I could obtain the program through the televised network. The 2nd/3rd semesters would be done this way anyway for the distant clinical site people.

    Could it be possible to learn what its necessary under these conditions, that is, without the clinical structure of a preceptor who already works with the school?

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  3. by   smiling_ru
    The clinical sites you got to have to be approved by the COA. so I am sure they can add clinical sites, but it is not a fast process. They would have to start the process well in advance.
  4. by   fence
    Which program did you speak with? This would be a great if it were actually doable?
  5. by   nilepoc
    Its not that unsimilar to what we do.

    I have the opportunity to go to another state for a clinical session. And all of the Navy students do the last four semesters via internet already.

    Our school is also activly seeking new clinical sites. so it doesn't sound unreasonable.
  6. by   zzzzzgirl
    I am speaking of Texas Christian University. Thanks for the replies so far! I am still confused, however. Logistically, how would the school coordinate to approve a site? Roughly, would they go to the hospital, talk with the MD or anesthesiologist in charge and ask if they would agree to instruct a student, following a template provided by the school? I wonder if the school would also need to pay the institution?

  7. by   loisane

    This doesn't really address your question, but I hope you will accept another comment.

    I have noticed in two of your posts you mention instruction/supervision by anesthesiologist. Of course you can learn anesthesia from MDA, and they are clinical instructors places.

    It is my belief that most SRNA instruction is carried out by CRNAs. (This is based on my own experience, perhaps it is differnent other places.) And the supervising clinical director can be a CRNA. Places that don't even have MDAs can be clinical instruction sites, although each program does have to have a MD medical director.

    I don't mean to make a mountain out of a molehill. I just think language is powerful, and even little details like this show alot about our values and perspectives.

    The COA process that smiling_ru mentions is pretty involved. I know of schools who limit their number of clinical sites because of it. But on the other hand, some programs have a huge number of clinical sites, so they have found a way to make it workable.

    loisane crna
  8. by   loisane

    This may be more information than you really want. But if you are interested you can get the program accreditation standards on the aana.com website.

    Look under accreditation, and the link to trial standards gives the brand new standards revised for 2003. It is lengthy, probably way more than you want to know.

    Of some interest is the list of required clinical case numbers at the end of the document. Your proposed clinical site will have to be able to provide you with these minimums in all these areas. Of course, you can go to multiple sites to get all the requirements. Almost always neccessary since some places don't do OB, neuro, hearts, etc.

    loisane crna
  9. by   zzzzzgirl
    Hi Loisane:

    Thanks so much for your answers/help. I will follow through with the accreditation standards info you suggested. Henceforth, I will also watch my use of language! I have enjoyed reading your posts/replies so far as it is nice to have perspective from a CRNA to help balance the inquiries from the prospective students and students currently attending a program. This is definitely an energetic, positive, well-balanced site. One of the reasons I am addicted to it!

  10. by   loisane

    I completely agree, I have enjoyed hanging out with you guys, too.

    Good luck with your quest!

    loisane crna

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