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Completed my BSN last week with gpa of 3.8 and deans list. Preparing for my GRE's in about a month ( taking a breather for a while). Does anyone have any suggestions on GRE prep courses? Would... Read More

  1. by   trakstar
    Quote from MambutzRN
    what books did you use for the GRE preparation?.. can you give me some advise?.. are you working full time now while taking masters in nurse anesthesia? thanks very much.. i salute you, good luck to your studies..
    I used mostly Kapln books with Kaplan test prep. I think that test prep is not a waste. Everything you need to know is provided by kaplan. The more you prep to a certain extent the better you will do on the exam. I did not want to do poorly and look back and think why didn't I do more preparation. I prep'd mostly on my some of my days off for about 6 months. Some things on the exam you need to study well before the exam to give them time to sink in while other things will be second nature to you. I will be working two weekends a month or one day a week while going to school (to maintain health benefits my wife and I are expecting our 2nd child) You can do it. Good luck.
  2. by   sandman1914
    A late update to an old post. The kaplan prep was a small expense well worth the small investment(approx $30). They have a great study program tailored to your weak points. In addition to kaplan I reviewed the study guide from Ended up with a 1200 overall and 4.0 writing.