1. I have a question for those of you who have taken the GRE test. Did you take a class prior to taking and if you did was it helpful? I have applied to a few schools that don't require it and I thought I would try to increase my chances by taking the GRE and applying to more schools. Since it has been awhile since I took math I wondered if a class would help. The classes around here range from 500-1000$ so that is a big expense. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   jeannet83
    Hi! I took the GRE quite a few years ago (about 8 yrs) and just used some study books to study. I scored average. I was ok with my scores but I imagine that perhaps a class might have helped me to improve my scores. But then again, it wasn't the math I needed the help with- that was pretty cut and dry in the study books. It was all those darn analogies and reading comprehensions that are tougher for me and I don't know if any class really could have helped me with it.

    Well, I am not being very helpful, am I?

    I would have to say if your schools to which you are applying do not require it, I would just study hard and take the test. If you are not satisfied with your scores, you can always take a class and retake the GRE.

    Good luck! Jeanne
  4. by   smogmatt
    kaplan has an interactive CD-rom that has review videos on the disc, very helpful, they even give you a pretest and give you a study guide (based on how you scored). all this for $40

  5. by   arkgolfer
    Princeton review also has a great book with a cd with lots of practice questions and tests. Cost ~ $30.
  6. by   K38s
    Like Smogmatt, I used the Kaplan study guide. I followed the CD- Rom guidline. I thought it was very helpful. Standardized test taking is definitely not my forte. I started early, 3-4 months before my test and gradually increased my study time as the test date approched. Anyhow I took the test and was pleasantly supprised with the results. Bottom line, I am sold on Kaplan, it was 40 bucks well spent.
  7. by   yodakelly
    Here's another vote for the Kaplan book w/ CDRom. It has a full length "pretest" that you can take w/o any preparation and then directs you as to what you really need to focus on. My score improved dramatically between the pretest and my real GRE and my only preparation was the Kaplan stuff.
  8. by   charles_thor
    The NOVA book rocks!!! The newest edition was printed before the analytic section changed (Oct 1st '02 I think), so it doesnt' cover the new essay portion of the test. But honestly the solid preperation you'll recieve from the other 2 sections is well worth the cost. I was unimpressed by both Kaplan and Princeton review, so after spending what seemed to be a lifetime at Borders, I found what I believe to be the best prep book around.

    Kristen, I tried to PM you a little while ago. I wasn't quite sure what I was doing, so if you didn't get it, give me a heads up and I'll send it again.

    I wish the best of luck to all of you confronting the GRE!!!

  9. by   yodakelly
    No PM received Kevin! Try my email instead.
  10. by   CougRN
    Thanks for the input everyone. I think I will give the Kaplan a try. I appreciate all the responses.
  11. by   zzzzzgirl
    Are you a WSU alum? I am too, received an undergrad there and am finishing an accel BSN in AZ now. Thinking about NP, how bout you?