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:) I got interviews for both TCU and Wesleyan. I'm pretty excited but not really sure what to expect. I've brushed up on my clinical knowledge. Has any one else secured interviews? And if so, any... Read More

  1. by   arkgolfer
    Good luck, look forward to hearing how it went.
  2. by   fence
    Well I had my interview @ TCU on Monday and I felt like it went very well. Sorry it has taken so long to get back but my hard drive took a dive. Anyway, the interview was with the Director of the CRNA program and the Dean of the College of health and human sciences. Very informal. They asked question about Dysrhythmia, Gtts like Nitro and Nipride. They asked about positioning for Increased intercranial pressure, how I handle stress and general question about my family etc.
    They are planning on taking around 40 students this year (give or take a few). They seem very open to sugestions on clinical sites. The seem to be very excited about their program. They have purchased a new simulator and are getting everything ready to roll in the fall. Should have an answer about admission on or around the 18th of this month. If anyone has a specific question please ask I will try and help.
  3. by   arkgolfer
    Sounds great fence! Did they say anything about their status regarding accreditation? Did they have a list of possible clinical sites yet? I interviewed at TWU in December also and am waiting to interview at sites here in Ark. The suspense of waiting is making me
  4. by   fence
    They should be accredited by the end of May. They have clinicals sites established in Ft. Worth, Tulsa Ok, they mentioned somehwere in Arkansas north of Fayetville, not sure of the name. They have others these are just what I remember.
  5. by   EmeraldNYL
    Fence, just curious but why did they ask you about your family? I always thought when you go to an interview that questions about whether you are married or have any kids are taboo.
  6. by   fence
    This was more after the interview. Small talk for a few minutes. Very cordial interview and very informal.
  7. by   fence
    I think that it may be taboo to ask those types of questions for a job but not sure about an interview for school? Anyone else have any input? I don't think they were making any decisions on the family part just small talk.
  8. by   smiling_ru
    They can not ask, BUT if you bring it up then it is fair game. So a question that goes.....How are you planning to deal with the stressors of going to anesthesia school would probably open a line wherein you mention dealing with family issues. Then it is open to discussion.
  9. by   Lucy H.
    I was told today that ASU in Jonesboro would have sites in Little Rock and that TCU would have two Arkansas sites. Has anyone else heard this?
  10. by   London88
    On the issue of questions about your family during the interview, when I interviewed for school I was nervous about the fact that they would ask me about my family life because I have four kids, even though i know it is illegal to discriminate against a person on those grounds. The issue never came up. When I was leaving the facility I was escorted by the secretary to the school who was congratulating me on being accepted, and I was telling her that I have four kids, and that I was scared that this would have been held against me. She told me that most of the students have kids ranging from 6 months to whatever, and have all sorts of family issues but still attend the school. It felt good to know that the school viewed SRNAs as ordinary people who face the same every day family challenges as everybody else.
  11. by   smiling_ru
    ASU will have a clinical site in Jonesboro too. I am not sure about TCU. TWU already has clinical sites in Jonesboro, not sure what will happen when the ASU program starts.
  12. by   big sweet life
    smiling ru, LucyH, could you start athread on the ASu program if there is much to know at this point? thanks
  13. by   EmeraldNYL
    Thanks for the info. London and Smiling_ru. I don't have kids and I'm not planning any in the near future (I want to finish school first), but I was just curious of what schools thought of this.