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  1. Has anyone secured interviews at Medical College of Georgia, UAB, or Univ. Tenn at Chattanooga? This waiting really is consuming me. I won't be jealous. (well maybe just a little bit) I just need some indication -good or bad- so I can stop interviewing in my sleep- if you know what I mean. I'm exhausted.
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  3. by   Tia
    I am from Kansas and sorry that I couldn't help you out with the schools listed above but I can related to the interviewing in my sleep. I wake up about 3 in the morning after the panel just drilling me with these horrible questions Good luck and rest assured that once the news comes about an upcoming interview that the dreams don't stop Try not to worry so much about being accepted for an interview because in most schools if you meet their requirements you will be contacted for an interview. Keep your chin up!! Happy holidays

  4. by   mbrian46
    I too applied at UAB and haven't heard anything yet about an interview. I think they usually interview in late Jan. or Feb., so we'll probably not here anything until maybe late Dec. or early Jan......hopefully....good luck.
  5. by   rez RN
    still waiting to hear myself for mcg let me know when you hear something!!
    but from what i know the school does even review apps til there all in (due date dec 15)
    ill post when i recieve notice one way or the other
  6. by   dontae
    Actually, I called and was told that UAB will be sending letters out "right before Xmas" and MCG's will be sent out "in mid-January". Does this help me sleep---NO!!

    mbrian--what part of MS are you from. I went to ADN school in Meridian.
  7. by   mbrian46
    I live in Jackson, MS...about 90 min. from Meridian.
  8. by   dontae
    Small world. I have an aunt who works in the Peds ER at the University Medical Center there. She's an LPN but has been there for 100's of years.
  9. by   dontae
    This is very bad for me, but since everyone's so good about sharing info, I'll pass it on. I heard from UTC in Chattanooga. They're making interview appointments now. It's bad for me because they were looking for my MAT scores. Unfortunately, I only took GRE. Rats....... But maybe some of you guys will get appointments........share the info. We're all kinda living through each other.
  10. by   MICU RN

    I am glad you shared that bit of experience; I thought that most schools seem to put more stock in the GRE rather than the MAT. However, I just took the MAT yesterday, the school I am looking at takes either one. I felt the MAT test was quite hard, harder than most of the practice test I took while preparing for it. But it was only one hour which goes by very quickly. the school I am applying to requires at least a 50 on the test, which is considered average. I am now working on getting all of my rec. letters and preparing my application which is do by March 15, 2003.
  11. by   rez RN
    good news mcg has issued interview call back letter as of today 1/3/03...
  12. by   dontae
    Thanks for that bit of news. I guess I can forget getting any sleep for a couple of days.
  13. by   rez RN
    got my letter today from mcg going to interview on the 5th of feb.
  14. by   AL bug

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