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Well guys can you believe it??? After such a bad feeling after my MDA vs. CRNA debate question they have offered me a spot in their class!!! The CRNA director must have liked that somebody stood up... Read More

  1. by   trekrRN
    Way to go Cheryl!!! I finally found you on this board. I knew you would do great. That really sucks that they gave you such a hard time in the interview, but I've heard that Gonzaga is like that, and has been for years. Anyway, all of the CRNAs I've worked with in the past that graduated from that program, have had great things to say about it. As I'm sure you're aware quite a few RNs from our units have been accepted there, and as far as I know, don't regret accepting. Plus, your so close to home! I really wanted to apply there myself, but missed the deadline :imbar
    Anyway, if they give you such a hard time, (and from your other post it sounded like you handled yourself very well) just think how well you'll be prepared for any other interviews.
    Again, congrats, (what will our units ever do without us?) :chuckle Hope to talk to you soon about how everything is going in the planning stages.......................Darin
  2. by   kestrel1121
    Hi Darin!! I was kindof shocked that I got the email offering me a spot. I still haven't received the 'official' paper letter so I think I refuse to believe it until I get that in the mail. I did print the email to remind me they did say yes. I had my Sam Merritt interview in Oakland last week and they called me Friday to say I had a spot there too!!! I was sick Fri & Sat (I think mostly from stress, too many airplane trips, changes in atm pressure and the weather change here) but I did want to talk to you about planning for this. Where do you start!!! Does your program start this March or was it May?? Now I'm kind of focused on filing my taxes so I can do my FAFSA for student loans. Hope to see you soon at work!