1. - How much do you guys make?
    - Please tell me how to become a nurse anesthetist?
    - Do you like your job?
    - Do you get "pushed" around by doctors?? or do you at least get some respect??
    - How long do you work?
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  3. by   smiling_ru
    1. You can get an idea of salaries on www.gaswork.com.
    2. You have to become an RN, have a bachelors degree and have at least 1 year of acute care nursing experience. For more info go to www.aana.com.
    3. Love it!!
    4. Depends on where you decide to work, but for the most part you are not treated as an idiot.
    5. Depends on where you work, hours can vary just as they do in other nursing professions.
  4. by   angelsuzie
    o yea another question:::: do you clean after patients when y ou are CRNA?
  5. by   EmeraldNYL
    Angelsuzie, go to the CRNA forum and read the sticky,
    "CRNA FAQs" at the top of the page. All of your questions will be answered and then some.
  6. by   angelsuzie
    the link does not work....... and none of the website or info talks about cleaning after patient subject
  7. by   EmeraldNYL
    Angelsuzie, nursing is at times gross. REALLY GROSS. And it's not just poop. You may have to do dressing changes on huge wounds, suction trachs, smell gross things, see gross things, etc. I suggest you shadow a nurse (because you have to be a regular nurse before you can be a CRNA) to see what they really do. Please don't be a nurse because you want a "clean" job.
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  8. by   angelsuzie
    so DO "CRNAs" clean patients or not?
  9. by   smiling_ru
    Well, if they vomit your cleaning it.
    If they do other things, and you have not started the case, it is up to you. But, I would tend not to leave it to everyone else while I just stood there.
    As a nurse, either CRNA or other your job is to insure the well being of the patient, whatever that may require.
    You cannot become a CRNA without becoming a nurse first, therefore you will be cleaning up after a lot of patients before you ever step into the anesthesia department.
    If you are looking for a career without cleaning I would stay away from nursing.
  10. by   itsme
    Angelsuzie, in ALL of your posts you have amajor concern about "cleaning up" people. That is part of nursing, no matter what specialty. To leave someone "messy" is abuse. Illegal and immoral abuse. If you would be unable to stomache cleaning up someone, perhaps a job in a different field would be better suited to you..
  11. by   Tenesma
    and angelsuzie - nurses aren't the only people cleaning patients - pretty much any body involved w/ patient care (except for maybe nutrition and psych) cleans patients in some way or another...

    by the way i am an MD and i have done my share of cleaning poop/vomit and other junk - nobody is safe

    based on ALL of your postings on these boards you need to find a different profession because your decisions are obviously not based on compassion and patient empathy - instead you say (and i quote you): "i'd like to have an MD - because it would look cool on a business card" get real and grow up
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  12. by   meandragonbrett
    Originally posted by angelsuzie
    so DO "CRNAs" clean patients or not?

    What does it matter if you clean them or not? If something happenes, you just do it! While doing your ICU time, you will be cleaning paitients. If you don't want to clean poop, urine, etc. you are considering entering the wrong field. As an ICU nurse, it wll be you that cleans everything up. As Tenesma said, anybody that is involved in patient care either has cleaned, or will be cleaning. The only people that don't clean up are the people on the admissions and business side of the hospital. Good luck!

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  13. by   itsme
    Brett, I love that saying below your signature!! I am going to print it for my daughter!!!
  14. by   warzone
    Originally posted by meandragonbrett
    As Tenesma said, anybody aht is involved iin patient care has\will clean up. Brett
    I'm sorry but this is killing me..."as Tenesma said..." Ha! I get the worst visual.

    Why is poop always so funny - unless you have to clean it up.