Funding for CRNA School

  1. I know there are hospitals that fund schooling for people who want to become CRNA's. How would I go about finding out what hospitals have to offer and which actually offer funding? A nurse clinician at the hospital where I work says that CRNA;s are not hospital employees, they work under anesthesia group and that these groups are not likely to fund students? Do any of you know if this is true? I thought I read somewhere that since there is such a shortage there are hospitals willing to fund students and even give stipends for books and living expenses?
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  3. by   AL bug
    Probably half of our class is in school on stipend. Anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 of funding. But be want to look for the best deal. For instance, the person who got $25,000 has a 4 yr commitment to the hospital after grad, but doesn't have to pay any of it back. A couple of the people got $50,000 for 5 yr commitment, but the money is docked from their salaries (the hospital ups the base salary by $10,000 but withdraws the money from the employees paycheck like the employee is paying back a loan) There are groups that do it. Just call the hospitals and groups you are interested in, ask for head of anesthesia, and ask if they offer that benefit. They worst they can say is no. Look on gasworks also, they have hospitals that advertise this that comes to mind is Pitt Co. anesthesia in NC or SC. Check that out. Chapel Hill offers it too. Not sure about any in FL.