From Tech to CRNA: Developing a plan

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I read this board all the time and have some questions about planning my journey from tech to CRNA.

    Currently, I am working as a Tech. I work on a Renal/Diabetic floor. I have mastered making beds, bathing, vitals, Accuchecks, inserting Foleys, suctioning and most other aspects of my job.

    I plan to begin studying for my RN in the fall, as I already have a degree, I will be able to focus only on nursing classes. With two exception, and they are A & P I & II. One of those I will take during the summer and the other I will take at some point during nursing school. After that I plan to attend an accelerated RN-BSN program online, while getting my year in ICU. Incidentally, I am 42 and have not time to waste.

    Here is one of my questions: Since I have to work (at something!) between now and the time I get my RN I want to do what makes the best sense in terms of helping me along my journey to a CRNA. Should I transfer to ICU and be a tech? Even though they don't do as much as some of the other tech positions?
    Is there such a position as an anesthesia tech?
    Should I try to work around the OR in whatever capacity I am qualified?
    Should I work for an anesthesia group as clerk, secretary, nurses aide type position? With the hopes of becoming known and then eventually being sponsored in anesthesia school?
    I work in a huge regional hospital. We have a "Heart Institute", should I work in that area? Hoping that will look favorable on my anesthesia school application?

    Bottom line is, I have a few years until I go to anesthesia school, but I want to begin to capitalize on them to the extent possible. I invite any suggestions and comments.


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  3. by   meandragonbrett
    I think it would be great if you could get into the ICU as a tech. It could open the door to a job after you graduate with your RN. Just a thought! Good luck in your quest!

    Welcome to the board!
  4. by   g8rlimey
    Hey Lisa
    OUt of your list of options, if I were in your position, I think I would go for either the anesthesia tech. or the ICU tech. positions. At least you would be in the 2 areas you are likely to be in after you graduate. I know as an ICU tech, you can learn a great deal if you seek the knowledge. As a tech, I was fortunate to work with many that were willing to teach.