Four months until school starts.

  1. So with four months to go before the start of school, what should I be reading?

    I am currently studying "Clinicalnuero anatomy made riduclously easy, Goldberg"

    "The ICU book, Marino"

    And a refresher in biochem and straight chemistry.

    Any other suggestions? Or should I ditch them all and enjoy some fun reading?
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  3. by   WntrMute2
    Hey there Craig. I too did some studying before I started but in hindsight I wish I had just read something fun b/c I haven't read a thing not anesthesia related in 7 months. Not to say it wasn't benificial, just the material you'll cover on your own may be covered in the first day or two and you'll wonder where did all that effort go. BTW the straight chem review probably won't be needed as the material is mostly elecrolyte balance and things like that. Biochem is good tho. None of it is a waste of time, just enjoy yourself and relax NOW. Good-luck man.
  4. by   kmchugh
    I have to agree with Dave. SOME review time is not a bad idea, but also take time to do some simple enjoyment reading. If you are married, spend as much good, quality time with the family as you can. You need time to get your batteries fully charged. So, relax, you'll do fine in school And congratulations on getting in.

    Kevin McHugh
  5. by   bwalston
    Hey Craig --

    I noticed from your post that you are reading the ICU Book by Marino and that you are also using a palm PDA. Did you know that the Marino book is available for the palm os platform?

    The palm is *MUCH* easier to lug around

    regards --

  6. by   nilepoc
    bwalston? are you referring to the Black Book? I am unable to find the full Marino anywhere. Do you have a link?

    I have to agree about the palm being much easier to "lug" around. I just purchased a sony clie t615c and I love it. Now I am trying to find things to fill the memory stick with.
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