For those in school or completed school

  1. What advice to you wish that you would have received before you went?

    On Nilopec's website, he stated "Moores Clinical Anatomy" book is what is getting him through Anatomy.

    What do you all wish you would have brushed up on prior to going.

    Or, when you said "I wish I would have known this before.", what is it to which you were referring to.

    Any other books that would be more than worthwhile to read prior to going, etc.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   nilepoc
    There is not much that you won't learn in your program. That book while being a great book, (any nurse would benefit from reading it) may be difficult to benefit from out of context. I would still recommend reading it, but I would also suggest you learn as much as you can about your patients, and soak up the ICU experience, and study for that, and not the focus too much on CRNA knowledge. The schools will show you everything you need to be familiar with.

  4. by   g8rlimey

    Although I am waiting for an interview, I have two books I like that aren't too dry. I can assimilate what I have learned almost everday at work, and the books have pictures!!

    1. Basics of Anesthesia, Stoelting, R. and Miller, R., 4th ed., 2000

    2. Hemodynamic Monitoring, Darovic, G., 3rd ed., 2002

    B of A is a very broad book that succinctly presents pertinent information about anesthesia. Not intended as a reference manual, so the information presented is not quite as in-depth as a textbook would be. It has a decent chapter on opoids--which is a great review. It also has good review of autonomic nervous system and basic pharmocologic principles.

    Hemodynamics is deep, and I use it as a reference but provides alot of useful info. i.e. those unexpected or unusual cases. The book is designed more for the ACNP or PA or RN at the bedside, but it is a very interesting book if you feel like synthesizing some of your "experience"knowledge with a text.

    Just my two cents--and believe me, on the right night, both of these books can induce a deep-sleep, but when I am motivated, the books have filled in alot of gaps in my own knowledge base. I hope this will later aid me in practice. Good luck in our quest.
  5. by   braden74
    nilepoc, is this the book you are talking about

    Essential Clinical Anatomy
    by A. M. R. Agur, Keith L. clinic Moore

    Thanks in advance
  6. by   nilepoc

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