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  1. So to those of you in school already what kind of financial aid did you get for school?

    All loans? any grants? About how much a month does the school financial aid office say you can live on?

    thanks in advance for your responses.
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  3. by   lgcv
    The only financial aid we get are graduate loans, 18,500 a year maximum. There are scholarship programs out there, but they require a lot of effort for a couple thousand dollars. There really is not much available for CRNA students as opposed to other masters level nursing programs.
  4. by   nilepoc
    So Lgcv, how do you live on that? My tuition alone the first year will be 21,000. Georgetown wants 950 a credit. Luckily the last fifteen months are part time and together are only another 10,000 dollars. But still, 18,500 is not going to be enough for the first year. I am going out to DC April 11th, and will be talking to financial aid. I suppose there are non subsidized loans I will qualify for, but i was just curious what others are doing.

    As wintermute will attest, I considered the military route, but I think I will just suck up the 60,000 dollars in loans and get a good position when I get out.
  5. by   lgcv
    I am married, sold my house, paid off all my debt with the proceeds. So in conjunction with my husbands income it is more than enough for me. Some of my classmates worked non-stop and saved every penny before starting school and now live on that. Others took out extra loans, 1person took the military route, and a couple signed on with anesthesia groups in exchange for payment of their education. Sooo.. Where there's a a will there's a way!

    Different schools have different financial aid options. Some get funding from hospitals or the federal government allowing for extra grant money. If I had to bet, I would say Georgetown has some of those extra options.
  6. by   nilepoc
    Well, so my program has finally told me what I qualify for.

    It is as I expected, all loans. $8000 subsidized, and $10000 from the goverment. Then I can borrow an additional amount up to a total of around $42000 a year. Yikes, my tuition for the first year is going to be $26000. They say I should live on $11000 a year in DC. hmmmmm.

    Well I just thought i would answer my own question. So far no scholarships have I found. hmmph

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