1. Any students out there ready for finals? Ours start next week! Gonna be a butt kicker of a week studying but then I will be done with my second semester!!!! Good luck on yours everyone!!
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  3. by   UCDSICURN
    Heh, good luck Duckboy, I don't feel so bad about my pidly little o-chem final now.

    Donn c.
  4. by   gaspassah
    pharm is oral boards with the faculty. i wish they would call it something other than oral.
  5. by   alansmith52
    I think if we make it past these next two weeks, they cant hurt us anymore than what we've already been through.
  6. by   vtwincrna
    You can doo iitt! Duckboy. Besides its all down hill after Gluick theatre. I think vcdsicurn has a little thing for you. Good luck on finals everyone. Except Al Smith:chuckle TCU Rocks!! vtwincrna
  7. by   duckboy20
    Thanks everyone and good luck on yours also! Gluick theatre, if you only know about that poor man! Who is vcdsicurn?
  8. by   NCgirl
    Still have oral boards and four finals to least clinical time is done for the semester. Good luck to you all in trying to fit even more anesthesia knowledge into our already full brains!!!
  9. by   alansmith52
    lol, yeah, go horned frogs.... he he
  10. by   athomas91
    i have my first final for the semester today....i am so sick of gas laws and tracheal anatomy - i am dreaming about it....ugh....
  11. by   arkgolfer
    What was the pH of Gluick acid again??????????
  12. by   duckboy20
    If I am correct it is 7! Very neutral!!!! LOL!
  13. by   duckboy20
    Good luck to you athomas91! I think our pharm final is the one I dread the most!! I actually dread all of them but that one the most!!!!!
  14. by   alansmith52
    "welcome to my one-man-show"
    that was prophetic.

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