fentanyl the culprit

  1. <Officials ID Gas in Moscow Raid >
    <(AP) - The gas Russian authorities used at the end of a Moscow hostage crisis, which killed 116 of the captives, was the anesthesia fentanyl or another drug related to it, U.S. officials said Tuesday.>

    if only the rescuers knew this and had access to nalaxone, it might have been a happier ending to a terrible ordeal.

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  3. by   nilepoc
    One of the news reports I read said that there was probably a narcotic component to the gas. It was a logical guess, as the ER physicians reported that nalaxone was beneficial in waking some of the victems up. They also stated that atropin had no effect.

    I have never heard of vaporizable fentanyl though. Also, (this may be rumor) there was a report of liver problems in the patients. My buddies and I were hypothesizing on what volatile anesthetic they could have used. Halothane sprung to mind, but we are not educated enough yet, to make that leap. The MAC of it, and the onset time would work though.

  4. by   Qwiigley
    Halothane is extremely hepatotoxic. But in Russia, I'm sure there had to be other drugs. I don't know of any opiods that are gases. Sevo, Des and Flourane all decrease cardiac and respiratory function without being narcotic. Who knows?
  5. by   NurseGirlKaren
    One of the docs I work with said he though maybe it really was a nerve gas or some other "illegal" substance, but they were just saying that it was fentanyl so that they couldn't be accused of violating international law. If if REALLY was fentanyl, why couldn't they have just come out and said that to the treating physicians right away so they could reverse them? Maybe it just took them a few days to come up with...fentanyl...yeah, that's a plausible one!!

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