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This a crued subject and a crued quesiton, but I've been wondering. In this world, there is a huge discrimination against the obese. Anyways, are there such things as fat CRNAs? I know that being... Read More

  1. by   artlp
    I am a recruiter that sets up interviews and participates in job offers, etc.

    I think that if someone is overweight and studies (yes, just like for a test)for their interview, dresses for success, and has a positive attitude, there would be no difference in getting a job. Sure on the subconscious level, people tend to view those deemed "more attractive" more positively initially, but the preparation for the interview along with a positive attitude can diminish those statistics drastically. Bottom line, if you are well groomed, knowledgeable about your field, and come across as someone who works well with others, that is ultimately what counts. You can take that to the bank!
  2. by   nrw350
    That is very true. That statement is true for any job or career in this world I believe. Despite my "larger" size, I got a job where most people would think an "average" size person would be needed. I work a mini storage facility where I have to do a lot of walking, and other sometimes very heavy tasks (like unloading pallettes for our carwash, mopping with a 24oz mop [the whole facility is very large @ around 8000 sq feet at my guessing], and other tasks that are particularly easy or fun). When I applied to position I was well-dressed and groomed as well as having a good attitude. I think those characteristics made the difference in me getting this job. It has now been close to two years that I have held this job.