Dental claims against your group's insurance

  1. For those of you practicing APs: About how many claims do you have a month for dental injury and approximately how much is paid out either per claim or total per month (even if they are bogus claims)?
    Don't even think I am a patient or lawyer. I'm on your side of the fence here.
    Thanks alot for any insight you can provide.

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  3. by   CCRNERIC
    This is a interesting thread. I heard some outrageous claim that each tooth is worth $4000. People know the risks of anesthesia and if you have old rotten teeth how can you legitimately claim it was the crnas fault. I hate the patients that are getting free surgery and free hospitalization and still try to sue someone for their life long abuse and dental decay.
  4. by   apaisRN
    Surely dental injury is on the informed consent patients sign before surgery? Is dental injury common in people who have had good dental care?