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hello, all, i was wondering if CRNAs get bathroom breaks. what do you do when you need to go to the bathroom? how long is the average procedure and do you have time to go to the bathroom in... Read More

  1. by   givethanks
    These are only my thoughts and observations concerning anesthesia school and are not meant to be critical or antagonistic, just something to consider.

    To JRV- When you read the anesthesia journals you might read about the culture of anesthesia and how things need to change but in reality, there is a long standing and pervasive culture that may only be fully understood when it is experienced. Speak up with your impassioned defence of "rights" and I suspect you will be pegged, as not wanting to assimilate yourself to that culture. If this assimilation were not a requirement, then why do we see phrases such as "fly under the radar" in forum discussions? Individuality or expression of opinions are not always encouraged, especially while in school. I once heard a CRNA say, "I had my soul ripped out when I was in school". This method of instruction/indoctrination, may or may not be presented as preparation for irate surgeons. CRNA's are autononomous but they appear to really have to take a lot, as students and when they go into practice. The journals are full of articles on professionalism and appropriate conduct but sometimes you have to work in reality.