CRNA school preference?

  1. Hello again!

    Just a quick question. Do employers prefer graduates from some CRNA schools over others? Or is it okay if the school just has an official accreditation?

    I know that the most important thing is learning what I need to know in order to be an effective CRNA in the real world, but I can't help but think that some schools have more pull than others.

    Bryant the preCRNA (I guess I should change my name to preSRNA)
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  3. by   Pete495
    No school has more pull than others. As long as you have that certificate that says you are a certified registered nurse anesthetist, then you will be on your way. Go ahead and take a gander at the FAQ sticky at the top of the page. It is full of usefull information for pre SRNA's.

    Generally speaking though, the kind of school you go to can have an influence on where you end up in the working world. For instance, say your school does not let you do a lot of clinical procedures, such as art lines, swans, etc. That can have an influence on where you work in the future. Even though some places may train you to do these tasks, I would rather go to a place that trains me to do them in CRNA school so that I am able when the time comes for employment.

    Good luck.