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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with the CRNA program at University Hospital in Denver? I know they are affiliated with Tex-Wes. Anyone there presently? Having good or bad experiences? What's the teaching like?

    Happy 2005 ...
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  3. by   CCRNERIC
    i havent heard anything positive. i have a friend at tex wes and he absolutely hates it. Have other people complained about that school or is he just being a baby???
  4. by   mwbeah
    Unless there is a new program out there, I know of no CRNA programs in Colorado.

  5. by   preCRNA
    University Hospital in Denver is one of the primary clinical sites of Texas Wesleyan. I am currently applying to that school and that site happens to be my first preference (they list all of the primary sites and have you rank them on which ones you would like to attend.)

  6. by   mwbeah
    here is the listing from tex wes: (i don't see denver)

    [font=georgia, times new roman, times, serif][color=#003399]clinical sites and affiliations

    in responses to the department of health and human services' study of nurse anesthetist manpower need (feb. 1990), texas wesleyan university has been able to increase the number of students who are able to enroll in our program by developing a number of primary clinical affiliations offering phase ii.
    the council on accreditation of nurse anesthesia educational programs (coa) defines a primary clinical site as "an institution where students receive 50% or more of their total clinical experience." (coa accreditation policies and procedures, pg. 49).

    [color=#003399]texas wesleyan university's primary clinical sites:
    1. harris methodist fort worth, fort worth, texas
    2. all saint's health system, fort worth, texas
    3. hendrick medical center, abilene, texas
    4. valley baptist medical center, harlingen, texas
    5. christus st. frances cabrini hospital, alexandria, la
    6. st. alexius hospital, bismarck, north dakota
    7. v. a. medical center, tucson, arizona
    8. arrowhead regional center, colton, california
    9. lsu medical center, shreveport, louisiana
    10. via christi regional medical center , wichita, kansas
    11. st. bernard's regional medical center, jonesboro, arkansas
    12. john peter smith hospital, fort worth, texas
    13. wesley medical center, wichita, kansas
    14. texas tech university health sciences center, lubbock
    15. saint elizabeth medical center, edgewood, kentucky
    16. kaiser sunnyside, clackamus, oregon
    17. baptist medical center, little rock, arkansas
    18. willis-knighton medical center, shreveport, louisiana
    [color=#003399]non-primary sites

    non-primary sites are institutions that provide anesthetic experiences for students that enrich their clinical knowledge, skills, and abilities.

    1. mesquite community hospital, mesquite, texas
    2. phoenix indian health service, phoenix, arizona
    3. parkland hospital, dallas, texas
    4. usaf hospital, minot afb, north dakota
    5. usaf hospital, kessler afb, ms
    6. cooks children's, fort worth, texas
    7. pioneer memorial hospital, prineville, oregon
    8. saint bernadine medical center, san bernardino, california
    9. kansas surgery and recovery center, wichita, kansas
    10. naval hospital san diego, san diego, ca
    11. plaza medical center, fort worth, texas
    12. seton healthcare network, austin, texas
    13. northeast arkansas surgery center, jonesboro, arkansas
    14. lsu medical center @ e.a. conway, monroe, louisiana
    15. valley baptist ambulatory surgery center, harlingen, texas
    16. brownsville medical center, brownsville, texas
    17. arkansas children's hospital, little rock, arkansas
    18. texas midwest surgery center, abilene, texas
    19. chicot memorial hospital, lake village, arkansas
    20. huey p. long medical center, pineville, louisiana
    21. stormont-vail healthcare, topeka, kansas
    22. overton brooks va medical center, shreveport, louisiana
  7. by   DeVa
    [QUOTE=mwbeah]Here is the listing from Tex Wes: (I don't see Denver)

    I'm pretty sure they have a clinical site there. I don't know why it isn't listed - that's strange. Without the info, I'm not sure who to contact at University. Who do you recommend speaking with? I'm not sure I had the right person. I didn't get very far with the woman CRNA there. Bad day, maybe.

  8. by   preCRNA
    Thats wierd that its not on your list. I know for a fact that its on the application though.
  9. by   mwbeah
    I am a CRNA who works in Denver (as well as Fort Carson) and just didn't think that there were any Anesthesia Nursing programs in the state. I got the information directly from the Tex Wes website yesterday.

  10. by   TexasCCRN
    I interviewed with Tx wesleyan and the Colorado site is an option. Not sure why it isn't on the site. I would just call the secretary at the nurse anesthesia office. She is very helpful.
  11. by   DeVa

    A link regarding the new clinical sites (CO) from 2003.

    Also, I'd appreciate any feedback on other experiences at Colorado.
  12. by   mwbeah
    You all should call and make sure, the website for 2004 list 18 primary sites, I just downloaded the application and it has 23 sites (it may be an old form). Just make sure before you apply, especially if that is one of the reasons you want to apply. I am telling you that I don't know of a CRNA program here in Denver.

    Make sure you contact the school, it is not listed on the clinical coordinator page for Tex-Wes either.

    Here is the app

    and here is the current website info

    Get all the info before you apply.
  13. by   DeVa
    Thanks for doing some background checking. I did, as well, and was given the name Stephanie May, CRNA at University as the clinical coordinator for Tex-Wes in Denver. They said, too, that she was the former president of the nurse anesthestists for CO. Does that ring a bell? Her voice mail says the same.
  14. by   fence
    I interviewed with TWU on the 4th of January. Denver Health Hospital and University of Colorado Hospital are on the list they gave me of Primary clinical sites. So there are affiliated clinicals in Denver. If accepted you have to spend atleast one semester at TWU. The rest can be done at the primary clinical site. From what I have heard is that TWU has a low rate of attrition and great pass rate. The program seems to be very flexible.

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